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Large format printing has grown in recent years and continues to evolve with the emergence of new technologies. Today’s large format printers are both economical and easy to use and can prepare prints on virtually any type of surface. Of course, the use of original illustrations, personalized text or eye-catching graphics has proven to be a proven way to increase revenue and build relationships between customers and businesses. If you want to print a new outdoor sign for your restaurant, start an advertising campaign or install banners during an outdoor festival, large format printing is the ideal solution for you.

In this article, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of large format printing and present some of the best oversized applications available on the market.

What is Large Format Printing really?

Also known as large format and large format printing, large format printing generally has a width of at least 24 inches, but can be almost any size. According to a study by WhatTheyThink, large format printing services continue to generate much of the growth of the printing market and currently outperform digital alternatives such as electrical panels or giant LED displays. Whether you want to produce banners, sets or vehicle packaging, large format printing is the ideal solution for all your large format marketing needs.

Only in recent years has large-format printing established itself as a cost-effective marketing solution. In the past, large format printing has got stuck in a number of problems, including short runs, high costs and long turnaround times. Moreover, in the past, only certain materials were available for printing, and the surfaces were expensive and difficult to process.

All this has changed with the introduction of new, more efficient and faster technologies. Flatbed printers have been around for some time, but new versions are now more efficient and faster, enabling higher print runs and more cost-effective large format printing services. Flatbed printers can now be adapted to a variety of different materials or printing materials and are designed for use with a range of inks and drying technologies.

The printing materials

One of the advantages of large format printing applications is that they can be customized to accommodate irregular objects and hard-to-reach surfaces, while their inherent visibility makes them ideal for marketing campaigns. Made from durable, weatherproof and UV-resistant materials, large format prints are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

According to a study, 91% of large format printers produce oversized banners, which means that banners are the most popular large format application on the market. Banners are typically used at large multi-day festivals, congresses and exhibitions and are available in a variety of weights and designs for different contexts and budgets. The over 100-foot high banners are available in vinyl or nylon fabric with UV-resistant inks and can be reinforced with extra wide eyelets and halved edges for use in wind-prone areas.

Shop window decorations, vehicle trim, wall coverings and custom printed samples can all be printed in large format and offer excellent visual characteristics for use in commercial and other environments. In addition, large format prints can be applied to all types of surfaces, hung on walls or installed in stand-alone displays.

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Pros of Large Format Printing

As with all marketing printing solutions, large format prints can be individually cut to specific objects and surfaces, regardless of size or shape. With reduced costs and long-lasting print results, expansion is the most cost-effective way to achieve better print marketing.

Improved technologies and the growing demand for large format printing have made the use of custom finishing an important part of the printing process. Whether you print on plastic, canvas or tiles, choose a surface that suits your needs. Large format prints are available in laminated, mounted or piped versions for intensive outdoor use or can be printed on ceramic tiles and then fused into building size graphics. Other techniques and applications can be used to achieve raised surfaces, special designs or a longer life, all within your budget.

At Gorilla Printing, we offer one of the largest selection of large format printing services in New York. We currently offer a wide range of products including A-panels, banner holders, bumper stickers, pop displays, posters, trade shows, vinyl signs and vinyl letters.

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