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Construction Signs

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Custom Construction Signs

To keep visitors and your workers safe, provide custom construction signs for your building site. Choose from a broad range of personalized signs, including metal and aluminum signs, banners, foamcore, and more! Signs are an essential component of any well-run construction site or region. Workers, visitors, and passers-by can all see your company’s logo thanks to custom signage. They may also assist in the creation of a safe atmosphere in an area that is full of distinct hazards. We’ve made the bespoke construction signage procedure as easy as possible to guarantee that your construction site or building gets the finest signs.

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Gorilla Printing is your one-stop shop for all your large format and construction sign printing needs in NYC. We use environmentally friendly materials and state of the art equipment to ensure a high-quality finished product. Connect with our team of in-house experts, and they will resolve any of your queries. We aim to offer a simple and pain-free printing experience, and with that in mind, our staff is ready to guide you throughout the printing process. We offer competitively priced construction sign printing in New York. Talk to us today for a safer construction site that adheres to all compliances.

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Under Construction Signs

When working on a construction site, safety is of the utmost importance. With this in mind, Gorilla Printing provides same-day printing on a variety of materials and substrates for under construction and safety signage. Our construction signs are constructed of long-lasting materials that can endure the rigors of a building site. These signs are produced on high-quality digital printing presses to guarantee that they attract the attention of workers and passers-by, ensuring a safe and secure workplace.

Construction sites must have all of the necessary signs in order to comply with the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB). Because these regulations are always changing and compliance becomes a problem, it’s essential that you contact a professional printer with expertise producing such signs. Gorilla Printing can provide you with signs that are not only ANSI and OSHA certified, but also meet NYC DOB requirements. These signs may be used for a variety of construction purposes, including:

– Construction is under progress. Pedestrians and employees are informed of ongoing construction at the site via signs.
– Workplace safety signs that alert workers and the general public to possible dangers on the job.
– Sidewalk signs that warn cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians not to wander across construction zones, exposing them to danger.

With over 20 years expertise printing bespoke signs, you can trust that our award-winning customer service staff, same-day manufacturing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee will take care of all your needs. Allow us to handle your signs so you can concentrate on your present project while maintaining a secure and well-branded environment.

Check with your local authorities before purchasing and installing construction signs to ensure that the signs you want in and around your construction zone comply with any applicable rules and regulations. Your city or state may have certain rules or standards that your signs must follow. Please contact us if you have any questions about whether our signage complies with these requirements.

Construction Sign Types

Aluminum Safety Signs

Our aluminum signs are ideal for construction sites since they are reinforced with a plastic core. These signs are corrosion and weather resistant, making them ideal for use outside.

Aluminum Reflective

Our reflective metal signs with a plastic core are ideal for construction entry and warning signs. Even at night, the reflective face will ensure visibility.

Signs for Construction Sites

Each building site is unique. We can supply all of the various kinds of signs you may need for your construction area setup to ensure you have all you need. We provide signs for your entry and boundary fences, as well as decals for your equipment. Our construction signs are all long-lasting, weatherproof, and fully customized. We have the perfect kind of sign for you, whether you need something to connect to a post in the ground, hang on your fence, or put on a tractor.

Site & Entrance Signs

Without a designated entry, construction sites aren’t complete or suitable for appropriate operation. You’ll enhance traffic movement in and out of the site and assist prevent illegal employees from accessing the site or project by installing an entry sign. Aluminum signs are ideal for car and human entrances, while wooden signs are ideal for building sites as business branded signage. Both kinds of signs are weather resistant, sturdy, and will effectively communicate your message regardless of the application. Both of these signs are simple to mount on a flat surface or between poles. For bigger wooden and metal signs, we suggest a center post.

Directional Signs

There are a lot of moving components in a building zone. To optimize traffic flow on a building site, these various zones should be clearly labeled. With appropriate directional signage, your employees and visitors will have a simpler time finding entrances, exits, toilets, and offices. Directional signs with arrows may be used to simply indicate how to go to a certain location inside a construction zone. Check out our hard plastic signs for a lightweight alternative for your directing signage. These signs are weatherproof, long-lasting, and adaptable. They may be hung with rope, zip ties, or bungees or attached to walls or posts using washers, screws, or nuts and bolts if they have drilled holes.

Banners made of Vinyl

Vinyl Banners are a flexible sign that may be used in a number of applications. This will be a cost-effective sign whether you need to hang it or connect it to a piece of plywood.

Rigid Plastic

Rigid Plastic Signs Rigid plastic signs are a lightweight yet sturdy alternative with a rigid look. Construction signs made of rigid plastic are a fantastic alternative to metal and reflective aluminum signs.

Magnet Signs

Magnets are a fantastic method to mark your construction trucks and equipment using our magnets. When placed on a suitable surface, they are readily removed while still staying firm.

Wooden Board

This high-density fiberboard is an excellent long-term building sign material. Wooden signs may be custom carved to any form, and they’re also a good choice for bigger signage.

Strong Adhesive Decals

These decals are a more durable alternative to using a magnet to mark your construction trucks and equipment. They’re simple to set up and perform well in a number of situations.


Our flags are an excellent method to promote your completed project. Make sure to hang them up before you finish your project to let folks know what’s “Coming Soon.”

Hazard & Safety Signs

Construction sites are hazardous environments. They’re crammed with heavy gear and equipment, as well as big buildings and people. You’ll want to make sure that everyone in this hazardous workplace is aware of the risks. This includes workers, customers, and visitors. You’ll need to have warning and cautionary signs made to correctly identify these dangers, encourage employees to wear appropriate safety equipment, and avoid dangerous situations from happening. For these kinds of warning signs, aluminum signs are a perfect choice. They are long-lasting, weather-resistant, and colorful. These signs don’t rust and are built to endure for years, even when exposed to the elements. Signs made of aluminum may be attached to poles, walls, or even hanging.

Property Markings

Unauthorized people have no place on construction sites. You’ll want to correctly mark the outside limits of your construction zone to provide a safe atmosphere. Property signs make it clear that your site is under development and that it is private property that should not be accessed by unauthorized individuals. Reflective metal signs are a fantastic option for property signs since they enhance visibility during the evening hours, when you’ll want your construction zone signs to be as apparent as possible. Outside of or on the perimeter of your property, these signs may be mounted on gates, fences, and posts.

Decals for Machinery and Equipment

Your construction site is crammed with high-priced machines, trucks, and tools. You’ll need to clearly identify the property and ownership of these various components, as well as provide cautions and directions to anybody who may use them. Our high-adhesion decals make it simple to identify machinery, tools, and equipment. These decals are simple to apply and stay in place for a long-term solution that can withstand high traffic, hard handling, and harsh weather. They’re an excellent method to display your company’s brand on your premises and equipment. Our magnets are a semi-permanent solution for temporary marking of machinery or equipment. These are simple to put in and take out of suitable surfaces. Magnets are strong, long-lasting, and may be utilized both indoors and out.

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New York City’s DOB Requirements

Unhitched signs with a total area of less than six (6) square feet or signs painted on the outer wall do not require approval, but they must adhere to municipal sign zoning requirements. The Department of Construction (DOB) must authorize any markings that are larger than six (6) square feet in total and must adhere to local sign zoning requirements. Plans must be submitted by a registered architect, a licensed engineer, or, in some situations, a licensed sign hanger. Resolution fees are calculated as a percentage of the labor cost estimate. For more information, please contact the construction department.

A warning signal is a signal that indicates the presence of a potential threat, impediment, or circumstance that necessitates immediate attention. Some of them are traffic signs signaling a hazard on the road that the motorist may not completely comprehend.

Any potential threat, impediment, or condition requiring special attention may be indicated by warning signs. The following are some of the most common warning signs: These signs are frequently temporary in nature and are used to indicate road works (construction), poor roads, or temporary conditions ahead, such as flag ships, camera crews, single carriageway, detour, bridge exit, front maintenance personnel, explosion zone, roughness, falling, icy skies, flooding (with signs labeled “High Water”), soft shoulder, uneven surface, freshly lubricated road, loose gravy. (It’s worth noting that certain “High Water” signs are posted to warn drivers of floods rather than implying that the road ahead is inundated.) Warning signs (including speed limit signs) relating to road works in France, Italy, Spain, Norway, and other countries have a yellow backdrop instead of the customary white background. Road construction signs in the Americas and Ireland have an orange backdrop.