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High quality construction signs, permit & safety signs printing in NYC. All our signs are DOB compliant with same day printing available. If you’re looking for the best construction signs printing service in NYC, you’ve found it.

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Under Construction Signs

Safety is of paramount importance when working at a construction site. With that in mind, Gorilla Printing offers under construction signs and safety signs with same day printing available on a wide range of materials and substrates. Our construction signs are made from durable materials that will withstand all the hardships of a construction site. These signs are printed using high-quality digital printing presses to ensure that they capture the attention of employees and people passing by the place to provide a safe and secure work environment.

It is essential that construction sites obtain all the proper signages that are compliant with the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB). It is especially important that you get in touch with a specialist printer with experience in printing such signs as these requirements keep changing and compliance becomes a challenge. Gorilla Printing can offer you signs that are not only ANSI and OSHA compliant but also ones that adhere to NYC DOB standards. These signs can be used for all kinds of construction needs such as:

  • Under Construction Signs that inform pedestrians and workers of on-going construction at site
  • Job safety signs that let employees and public alike know of potential hazards at a job site
  • Sidewalk signs that prevent bikers, joggers and pedestrians from turning up in the middle of construction work exposing them to potential hazards

Gorilla Printing is your one-stop shop for all your large format and construction sign printing needs in NYC. We use environmentally friendly materials and state of the art equipment to ensure a high-quality finished product. Connect with our team of in-house experts, and they will resolve any of your queries. We aim to offer a simple and pain-free printing experience, and with that in mind, our staff is ready to guide you throughout the printing process. We offer competitively priced construction sign printing in New York. Talk to us today for a safer construction site that adheres to all compliances.

Work Zone Signs

Warning Signs

Construction sites are a dangerous place. They are full of heavy machinery and machines, large buildings and people. To keep this dangerous environment as safe as possible, it is necessary to alert employees, customers and visitors to these potential dangers. To properly label these hazards, to remind employees to use appropriate safety equipment, and to prevent hazardous situations from occurring, it is necessary to make sure to print the warning and warning signs. Aluminum signs are an excellent option for these types of warning signs. They are durable, weather-resistant and bright. These signs do not corrode and are designed to last for many years, despite being used outdoors. Aluminum signs can be mounted by attachment to poles, walls, or even hung. Click on an empty model or one of our pre-designed models below to start now!

Directional Signs

There are many moving parts within the construction area. To improve movement within the construction site, you will want to mark these different areas correctly. Entrances, exits, toilets and offices are much easier to find for your workers and visitors using the appropriate signs. Guidance signs can be designed with arrows to easily show you the right path to a specific destination within a construction site. For an easy version of your signs, be sure to pay attention to our hard plastic signs. These signs are weatherproof, durable and versatile. With perforated holes, they can be mounted hanging with rope, locking loops or signs, or fixed to walls or posts with washers, screws or nuts and bolts. Click on an empty model or one of our pre-designed models below to start now!

Building Site Signs

Each construction site is unique. To ensure you have everything you need to customize your building site, we are here to provide you with all the different types of signage you may need. We offer everything from signs for your entrance and fences to signs for your equipment. All our construction signs are durable, weatherproof and fully customizable. Whether you need to attach something to a pole on the ground, hang a fence or glue it to a tractor, we have the right type of signage for you.

Entrance and Construction Site Signs

Construction sites are not complete or ready for proper operation without a designated entry. Having an entrance sign will not only improve traffic on and off the construction site, but will also help prevent unauthorized people from entering the construction site or premises. Aluminium signs are an excellent choice for the entry of vehicles and people, while wooden signs make an excellent company sign for building sites. Both types of signs are weather-resistant, durable and perfectly convey their message regardless of their use. Both these signs can be easily installed on hard surfaces or between poles. For larger wooden and aluminium signals, we recommend a central pole. Click on an empty model or one of our pre-designed models below to start now!

NYC DOB Requirements

Unhitched signs with a total area not exceeding six (6) square feet or signs painted on the exterior wall do not require permission, but must comply with local zoning rules for signs. Markings larger than six (6) square feet in total must be approved by the Department of Construction (DOB) and must comply with local sign zoning regulations. A registered architect, a licensed engineer or, in some cases, a licensed sign hanger must submit plans. Resolution fees are based on a percentage of the estimated labor cost. Please contact the construction department for more information.

A warning signal is a type of signal indicating a potential hazard, obstacle or condition that requires special attention. Some of them are road signs indicating a hazard on the road which may not be fully understood by the driver.

Warning signs may indicate any potential hazard, obstacle or condition requiring special attention. Some of the most common warning signs are These signs are often temporary in nature and are used to indicate road works (construction), poor roads or temporary conditions ahead, including: flag ships, camera crew, single carriageway, detour, bridge exit, front maintenance personnel, explosion zone, roughness, falling, icy skies, flooding (with signs labelled “High Water”), soft shoulder, uneven surface, freshly lubricated road, loose gravel, smoke on the road, truck entry, etc. д. (Note that some “High Water” signs are placed to warn drivers of flooding and do not really mean that the section of road ahead is flooded). In France, Italy, Spain, Norway, etc., warning signs (and speed limit signs) related to road works have a yellow background instead of the usual white background on the signs. In the Americas and Ireland, signs associated with road works have an orange background.

Why do we use coroplast for construction signs?

Coroplast® Panels are ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications for short periods of time. They are made of an extremely versatile double-walled extruded polypropylene sheet. Coroplast signs are an easy and cost-effective solution for visual communication. This sign and the plastic sheet material have many names and even more applications. Due to its unique combination of strength and availability, coroplast is an incredibly popular choice for short-term signs and placards.

If you are considering using corrugated plastic in a future project, there is everything you need to know and consider about this very versatile material.

What is Coroplast?

Coroplast is a registered trademark of the world’s largest manufacturer of corrugated plastic. The corrugated plastic is mainly plastic cardboard, which is made of three layers of thin polypropylene plastic carrier. The product consists of a zigzag-shaped plastic layer fixed between two smooth layers of plastic film – also known as double-walled plastic film. The layer structure of the corrugated plastic makes the corrugated plastic incredibly light and shock absorbent.

What are the benefits of using corrugated plastic sign materials like coroplast?

Coroplast is a unique combination of durability, availability, lightness and flexibility. This combination makes it incredibly versatile, so it can be used in all types of projects and exhibitions.

Longevity – Coroplast is not invincible and is not designed for eternal display, but it can require severe blows from rain, sunshine or human handling before any signs of aging can appear. In addition, Coroplast is immune to damage caused by insects and rodents.

Availability – Coroplast is the cheapest material on the market for outdoor exposure. Printing and cutting Coroplast is a simple and inexpensive process that does not require highly specialized equipment.

Light weight – The transport, distribution and exposure of Koroplast material does not present any difficulties. You don’t precisely have to worry about the wall falling down or someone losing a toe if it falls off.

Reliable – Coroplast is strong enough to fit by itself, but flexible enough to give you many options. Cut it, bend it, fix it, make holes for the bushes… whatever you need!