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Gorilla Printing brings you the widest range of large format printing products in NYC. Billboards, banners, flags, posters, signage & car wraps are only the beginning.

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We’re the trusted printer of over 1500 companies & individuals. With over 20 years experience in large format printing, OOH campaign printing and service, we’ve got the know-how & capabilities to deliver any sized print job.

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We’re the original ‘same day’ large format printer. With 3 hour turnarounds on the widest range of products.

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Nationwide shipping with UPS couriers to get your order faster, more conveniently.


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With over 20 years experience in printing, our team can help tackle any sized job.

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We’re your local NYC wide format printers. Pickup directly from our store in Brooklyn, NY.

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Enjoy the widest same day large format printing product range in NYC

In the competitive world of advertising, your brand should stand out. Discover our wide variety of products printed on state-of-the-art ultra wide format printing presses. From banners to billboards, trust Gorilla Printing, your wide format printers in New York City.

We bring +20 years experience in large format printing

Since 2002, Gorilla Printing has been providing affordable, high quality large format printing New York City services throughout New York and the USA. We were one of the first companies in NYC to offer same day large format printing across a wide range of products. Our use of the latest state-of-the-art machinery and printing presses allows us to offer all printing services in a consistent, high-quality finish under the toughest deadline demands.

Discover how Gorilla Printing is helping create and deploy hundreds of advertising campaigns requiring versatile large format printing options including banners, posters, billboard vinyl, window graphics and wheatpasting campaigns. Our expert team is here to guide you through your next printing project right from idea to application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like to know more about our large format printing service?

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Can you do same day large format printing?

If you have a deadline and urgently need large format printing? No problem printing gorillas! We provide high quality large format printing in an incredibly short time and on the same day we offer a guarantee of printing on the widest range of large format printing products in New York City. We are New Yorkers ourselves and understand perfectly how fast life is in the Big Apple. That’s why we have focused our business on providing fast format printing solutions to meet the needs and demands of our customers.

Call us today to learn more about all of your large format printing needs. One of our employees can answer your questions immediately and often within a few hours, your products will be ready to ship or, if required, shipped with UPS couriers throughout the USA. We invest in modern large format printing machines that allow us to offer ever faster results while maintaining the same high quality workmanship as you expect. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about printing.

How do wide format printers work?

Large format printing is essentially the printing of large graphics or drawings on large rolls of paper (or other materials). It requires specialized equipment and large format printers much larger than normal business machines. As a rule, “large format printers” are considered printers with a maximum width of 80-100 inches. Another relatively new development in the printing industry, large format printing, as we understand it today, has been taking this form for about 25 years. With the development of the technology, the number of different inks, substrates (the material on which printing is applied) and printers available has increased significantly.

The advent of digital technology, as well as the development of software and tools such as AI and cloud computing, has also made large format printing more accessible and productive than ever before. Now it is possible to remotely manage and configure printers for night work – newer models can even report their errors. Developments like these have redefined how wide format printing can be used and the scale at which it can work. So it is not surprising that the use of large format printing has increased so much.

What is the digital large format print process?

The digital printing process involves printing on various media such as paper, fabric, acrylic, plastic, etc. directly from a digital image. It is a professional print job and small desktop publishing and other digital sources that are printed with large format or high volume inkjet printers.

Digital printing is certainly more expensive than conventional methods, but the production cost of printed forms is eliminated, which reduces the overall cost. Digital printing can also be done on demand and in a short time; images can also be easily modified for each print. Thanks to huge labour savings and rapid capacity improvement, digital printing is slow to match offset printing capabilities. With digital printing, thousands of sheets can now be printed at low cost. The most popular printers using digital printing are inkjet and laser printers that drop pigments or toners onto multiple substrates such as paper, glass, canvas, metal, fabric, marble and plastic. Typically, the ink or toner only forms a thin layer on the surface without penetrating the substrate, which is traditional. For toner, thermal process fuselage liquid is used and for ink, a UV curing process is used whereby the ink adheres firmly to the substrate.

What DPI for printing large format?

A standard of 300 dpi (dpi) is normally required to ensure high print quality and avoid noticeable pixelation. For large format printing, the standard is much lower to accommodate the large print space, the distance between the display and the screen, and the printer capabilities. There are several factors to consider when preparing large format graphics for exhibition printing. Traditional file resolution rules used in normal offset printing may not apply. A common misconception is that a higher resolution automatically produces a higher quality print. This does not apply to large format printing, except that it produces a huge file that often cannot be edited or moved. That is why.

For business cards, brochures, magazines, etc., the distance from the viewer to the media is much greater, and the points that make up the image become much more visible at lower resolutions. The minimum value of dpi for a widescreen graphic screen is normally 100 dpi. We consider this a good compromise for customer image placement, file sizes and final print results. It also helps our customers understand the file size they will need when purchasing from the stock library.

Why should your business use large format printing?

In simple terms, brands should use wide format printing, as it offers one of the most effective ways to market a product or service, through outdoor advertising and other forms of marketing OOH (outdoor) in key areas of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The active benefits of different types of wide format printing will depend on the products themselves, but in general outdoor advertising remains one of the most generous forms of marketing, especially in terms of ROI. When considering statistics on the effectiveness of outdoor advertising as a carrier, an attractive form of image:

People see outdoor advertising – a lot: per capita worldwide, each person is exposed to outdoor advertising for a total of more than 1 hour per week.
Outdoor advertising stands out: In addition to television, more than 50% of American consumers said outdoor advertising stands out more than all other media.
Competitors use it more than ever: Outdoor advertising continues to be one of the largest marketing industries and continues to grow from USD 253 million in Q1 2024 to USD 267 million in Q1 2024.

Do you print in an environmentally friendly way?

Historically, the printing industry has a bad rep in looking after the environment, with the excessive use of water and electricity, wasteful paper management and the use of volatile chemicals which results in toxic waste. Environmental protection is one of Gorilla Printing’s biggest concerns and we strive to put our planet first.

This is how Gorilla Printing is making a difference:

  • Using soy inks
  • Using recycled paper stocks as standard
  • Printing techniques like duplexing which reduce paper use
  • Modern machines which drastically reduce power consumption
  • Elimination of toxic and volatile chemicals
  • Alcohol-free printing presses
  • We recycle redundant machines and computer parts
  • We recycle our printing plates, press blankets, bottles, cans & containers