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Environmental Protection

We care about our impact on the Environment

We all make an impact on our planet, and we take this impact seriously. That’s why we offer the widest possible range of eco-friendly printing products. Our printing techniques include using recycled paper as standard and using only soy inks made from natural soybeans.

Historically, the printing industry has a bad rep in looking after the environment, with the excessive use of water and electricity, wasteful paper management and the use of volatile chemicals which results in toxic waste. Environmental protection is one of Gorilla Printing’s biggest concerns and we strive to put our planet first.

This is how Gorilla Printing is making a difference:

  • Using soy inks
  • Using recycled paper stocks as standard
  • Printing techniques like duplexing which reduce paper use
  • Modern machines which drastically reduce power consumption
  • Elimination of toxic and volatile chemicals
  • Alcohol-free printing presses
  • We recycle redundant machines and computer parts
  • We recycle our printing plates, press blankets, bottles, cans & containers