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Feather Flags

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Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.


The Econo Feather Flag is suitable for outdoor events. Effectively advertise your logo or message with our econo feather flag. Its curved sleeve and free-flying edge allows the flag to grab attention without wrapping around the pole, and assembly is easy. Available hardware is a ground stake to fit to your pole set.

– 4 oz. Polyester flag material
– High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
– Dye sublimation
– Scratch resistant
– Washable

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What resolution should my artworks be?

When printing, the optimum print resolution for digital printers is 300 PPI. Blurring and pixelization will occur if a file is designed with a resolution less than 300 PPI. You should not, however, design with a resolution more than 300 PPI. There will be no change in print quality as far as the eye can perceive. It will also significantly increase the size of your file (increasing file upload/transfer time).

We usually suggest printing 300 PPI drawings, however we understand that you may not have the capacity to modify your designs. If you are unable to print your files at 300 PPI, you will need to take certain steps to guarantee that a lesser resolution will work for you.

Before you begin creating your file, we suggest that you set the resolution in your graphics editor (for example, Photoshop) to 300 PPI. Blurring/pixelation will still occur if the resolution is increased after the start.

Where can I pickup my printing jobs?

Pick-up is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During business hours, you may always fill out our contact form and we will contact you within one hour. We have two sites in New York City’s downtown area. Check which is more convenient: Manhattan’s SOHO district or Brooklyn’s Bensonhurst neighborhood. Our offices are both readily accessible by vehicle and train.

Every printing project in New York City requires a high level of quality and consistency. Our machines are exclusively operated by experts, and our skilled design staff is ready to assist you with your next printing job. We only take orders online at Printing New York, however if you have any questions or concerns about making your order, please contact us and a member of our staff will walk you through the process. Our knowledgeable and courteous guidance, coupled with our creative designers and skilled printing team, provide our customers with a service that will exceed their expectations. See for yourself by visiting one of our New York offices.

Do you check the artworks before printing?

Before printing, our staff double-checks all of the work. If we run into any issues with the files, we’ll let you know and show you how to alter the format. Please keep in mind that color and size mode conversions will be done automatically without any input from you.

We examine the drawings throughout the analysis.

– if the files are in one of the acceptable file types (PDF, JPG, TIFF, EPS or PS).
– if the file provided is greyscale (only if you have purchased a color print)
– if the file is the proper size (otherwise, we will scale your work to the required size, however this may result in a loss in quality). There will be no extra bleeding added to the procedure).
– if drill lines have been defined
– if the correct fonts have been included in the file

Why do my artworks require bleed?

All files should have a 2mm bleed on either side to guarantee that there are no white spots on the printed output. This implies that your design should always be 2mm bigger than the actual print format (including pictures and graphics). Failure to do so may result in minor differences, such as white margins. Place typefaces and important components of your design at least 3mm away from the final format (not counting bleeding) and avoid using edges as edges in layouts to guarantee that they are visible.

Optional: If providing data in an open format for printing, the bleed should be 4mm on each side (e.g., A4 size including bleed should be 301214mm). – Please prepare a file with 3mm bleed on either side if submitting files for presentation folders, banners, monthly calendars, packaging, or any other promotional technology items. – Envelopes should have a 1mm bleed on both sides. The elastic frames made of cloth must be bled 15mm.

Please refer to our artwork instructions if you need more information.

What filetypes do you accept for artwork?

JPG, PDF, EPS, TIFF, AI, PSD and PS (PostScript) are among the file types that may be uploaded

Ensure that your PDF file is saved in normal PDF/X format (PDF/X3 or PDF/X1a) straight from your graphics software. When saving artworks, select the “1.3 compatibility” option to prevent issues with layers and transparencies during the printing process.

If you’re transmitting TIFF files, keep the number of layers to a minimum.

Please do not utilize pre-separated data from DCS EPS to prevent color variations or issues with the printed picture.

Are you an environmentally friendly printer?

We certainly are! We provide the most comprehensive selection of soy ink-based eco-friendly printing goods in New York, including recycled business cards, brochures, presentation folders, sales sheets, stationery, catalogs, flyers, calendars, and more. Our regular stock is now recycled paper.

The printing sector has a bad reputation for environmental stewardship, with excessive use of water and energy, paper waste, and the usage of volatile chemicals that result in hazardous waste in the past. One of New York Print’s main priorities is environmental protection, and we try to put our world first.

Here’s how Gorilla Printing works on its footprint

– Using soy-based inks as standard
– Using recycled paper stocks as standard
– Printing techniques that decrease paper use, such as duplex printing
– Modern equipment that consume less energy
– Elimination of hazardous and volatile compounds
– We recycle our printing plates, press blankets, bottles, cans, and containers.
– We recycle obsolete equipment and computer components.

Uploading Your Artwork

We accept artwork files in the following formats:

Your artwork should be created in CMYK mode and 150-300 dpi quality. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file please merge all visible layers. Create your artwork files in the exact size that you are ordering, with no bleed, and no crop marks.

File Formats

150-300 dpi in CMYK mode
Outline your fonts, merge all visible layers

Design Templates

Use one of our free print templates to help save time with your order. Our design templates are a blank file which includes the correct bleeds and margins required to make sure your artwork is printed precisely accurate. All of our products’ print templates are available for immediate download at our Template Repository.

Our design templates are available in the following formats:

Download A Printing Template
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Discover More about Feather Flags

Beautiful feather flags produced on 4 oz polyester cloth utilising a full color dye-sublimation digital printing method. There are four different sizes available. Depending on your needs, you can choose from four different bases.

Feather flag banners are a great way to draw attention to your business, product, or campaign both outside and indoors. The flag is composed of a weather-resistant and exceptionally durable 4 oz. polyester material, making it ideal for use outdoors. For longevity, the pole set is constructed of a blend of lightweight aluminium and fibreglass poles. The flag can be planted in grass or soil using the ground stake. Additional base configurations are now available, allowing the flag to be exhibited on hard surfaces and indoors. If you want to design your own personalised feather flag before uploading it to our design tool, use the links below to access the design templates for each size.

How to Look After Your Feather Flag

Maintaining and caring for your feather will ensure that it lasts for many years. These polyester feather flags can be washed in the machine, but not ironed or dried.

Do not bleach, Delicate, Wash cold, Hang dry, Do not iron

Is there a difference between a feather banner and a flag banner? What about banners in the shape of teardrops? Flags made to order?

Before we go any further, let’s clear up any misunderstandings about the various terms used for this and comparable banner kinds. “Feather banner,” “flag banner,” and even “feather flag banner” are all equivalent phrases. Who is speaking and their preference or practise of calling them one or the other usually determines how these phrases are used. These terms have the same meaning to us in terms of functionality, cost, and so on. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll just call it “feather banner.”

Other types of banners we offer include teardrop banners (which are similar to feather banners but have a slightly different form and cost), conventional banners, fabric banners, and retractable banners, which you can learn more about on their separate product pages.

The feather banner we offer is a little more free flowing than the teardrop banner we offer, which is more taut and spread out when affixed to its flagpole. Furthermore, the feather banner’s design surface area is bigger than a teardrop of comparable size.

Note that we do not presently offer custom/rectangular flags that are commonly seen affixed to and raised up a flag pole.

 What kind of material did you use to make your feather banner?

The feather banner is composed of a 4 oz. polyester cloth that is lightweight. The product’s flexibility and durability are enhanced by this material’s plastic-like properties. The lightweight metal flagpole adds to the adaptability of this one-of-a-kind banner.

 “Feather convex flag” is a phrase I occasionally hear. What does it mean to be convex?

The form of the flag is described as convex. The flag’s outline is convex, meaning it curves like the outside edge of a circle. Convex shaping, in essence, makes the flag appear to be in the shape of a feather. We’ll know what you’re talking about whether you say feather banner, flag banner, or convex banner.

How long will your feather banner last?

The banner will survive for at least two years if properly cared for and stored. The banner’s quality may deteriorate faster if it is exposed to the sun or harsh elements than if it is put away from those situations. For a more in-depth look at how the element may effect your banner, see the section below.

Will the banner fade if it is exposed to the sun?

If the banner is exposed to direct sunlight, the banner will fade over time. However, this will necessitate a long duration of exposure to direct sunshine. In almost all circumstances, this isn’t a problem in the short or medium term.

Will my feather banner be blown away by the wind?

Even when put in the ground, the flag might be blown over by strong winds. Although using a weighted base can help prevent this, severe winds can still cause the flag pole to bend or be damaged. The wind resistance of a flag is also determined by its height. In heavy winds, a larger flag is more likely to be blown over. In any conditions that may include high winds or other bad weather, we urge that you take down or not use the flag, regardless of size.

What size feather banner can I make?

Feather flags are now available in four different sizes. Small (9ft), Medium (10.5ft), Large (14ft), and X-Large are the sizes available (18ft). When measuring feather banners, these heights indicate the flag when it is mounted to the flagpole, which is the industry standard. The dimensions of the banner alone are 24.25″ W x 79.5″ H (Small), 25.5″ W x 105″ H (Medium), 29.5″ W x 139.5″ H (Large), and 27″ W x 191″ H (Extra Large) (X-Large).

The height of the flag will vary depending on which base is used. The square base will only increase the total height of the flag by about 1/8th of an inch. Depending on how far the ground stake is driven into the earth, it will also add height. The cross base will add around 7″ to the banner’s overall height.

Is it intended for the flagpoles to be convertible between banner sizes?

Each flagpole is made to support a single banner size. A huge flagpole, for example, will not be able to sustain a small, medium, or XL banner. Only a large banner may be supported by a large flagpole. This is true for all sizes of banners and flagpoles. You can place an order for an extra or replacement feather banner on our website.

Is it possible to purchase a replacement pole set or additional hardware as stand-alone items?

No. Currently, the feather banner is only available as a stand-alone item on our website. If you require a replacement pole set, stand, or other hardware, please contact us at support@Gorilla Printing or call 888-222-4929 and we will gladly assist you.

Will I be charged more if I print my banner in more than one color?

We print all of our banners in full color, which means that no matter how many colors you use in your design, the price of your order will not rise. If you require free design assistance, design services are also available. The size you choose, the quantity, the type of stand, any relevant tax, and shipping will all have an impact on your ultimate cost.

Will my design be applied to the full flag or only a section of it?

The majority of the flag will be covered by the design of your banner. A 2 – 21/2 inch thick black seam (or border) surrounds the face of the flag, where the design will be printed, and connects the pole pocket to the rest of the flag.

Is the finish of your banners matte or glossy?

The vinyl banner has a matte finish, and the printed design has a matte finish as well.

Will my banner melt if it is exposed to direct sunshine or extreme heat?

The vinyl we use is heat resistant, which means it won’t melt when exposed to direct sunshine. However, if the banner is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, the color and design will fade. Normal day-to-day usage should not result in any melting issues.

Are your banners resistant to fire?

When polyester comes into touch with flames, it melts and burns, despite its high heat resistance. We recommend keeping the banner away from open flames or sparks.

Do I have to use one of your banner templates?

Our templates are offered for your convenience, but they are not required for banner design. You can use our design tool to upload your own design if you want to utilise it. If you need more help with your banner design, feel free to contact us for free design support.

Is the single-sided mirrored or print-through option for feather banners available?

Please keep in mind that single-sided feather flag banners are print-through rather than duplicated on the back side. This implies that someone on the opposite side will be able to see your printed design, but the design and text will be mirrored. You’ll need to choose the double-sided option for your banner if you want the same message on both sides of the sign.

Is it possible for your feather banners to be printed on both sides?

Yes. For an extra fee, we can make double-sided feather banners. Details and design considerations for our double-sided solution can be found in the next question.
Is it possible to have separate images on the front and back of double-sided feather banners?
Yes. You can make your banner with the same design on both sides or with separate designs on both sides. Simply select the “Printed Sides” option and then click the “Back Side” button to customise the back side of your flag.

Will I get a pole set if I merely order a single or double-sided banner?

No. To make your banner function, first design it, then choose between poles and your favourite stand as alternatives. This is so that you may get replacement banners in the future.

What is the size of the ground stake? Is it suitable for use in either loose or dense soil?

The ground stake is a solid piece of metal that attaches to the bottom of the flag pole and measures 25″ long (approximately 2 feet). A mallet or hammer can be used to push the stake into the earth until the stake and flag are secure. To ensure that the stake is not readily moved by severe gusts, we propose burying it in solid, deep soil. Furthermore, there is no set depth to which the stake should be driven; instead, drive the stake until the feather banner is solid and sturdy.

What is the distinction between a square and a cross base?

While both bases allow the flag to be stable when put above ground, they are used in different ways. The square base is made of solid metal and has a peg to keep the flag in place. This foundation weighs 21 pounds, so you can rest assured that it will hold your banner firmly in place outside. It is less likely to be a tripping hazard because the base is flat with the ground. Because the square base does not fit in the flag banner’s carrying bag, it is advisable to use it in a permanent location.

The cross base is a four-legged platform that folds up for simple storage in the carrying case. The base’s portability makes it ideal for bringing to conventions and tradeshows. The base weights 6.4 pounds, which provides stability on the ground while not straining your back when transporting it. When placing the flag outdoors, you can add the water bag weight (an additional 16 lbs when filled with water) to the cross base to strengthen its support. Because the cross base’s profile raises the chance of a pedestrian or passer-by stumbling over the display, it’s better to keep it away from footpaths.

What is the purpose of the water bag? Is it possible to fill it with sand?

Water can be used to inflate the water bag, which is a donut-shaped weight. This weight is used in conjunction with the cross base to increase stability. The bag might be filled with sand instead of water, despite its design. Avoid mixing water and sand, since this will result in an unwelcome mess. We recommend using only water to make emptying the bag and transporting it as simple as possible. When it comes to filling and emptying, sand can be a bother and a mess to clean up.

Is the carrying case included with my bespoke feather banner purchase? What can you put inside the case?

The carrying bag is an optional component that may be acquired throughout the custom feather flag design process. A pole bag is included with each feather banner to protect the pole set. It’s worth noting that the pole bag and the carrying case are two separate goods.

Only one feather flag, pole set, cross base, and empty and folded water bag can fit in each carrying case. The flag poles will be stored in separate pockets, with the cross base secured in a pouch. The container can accommodate a folded feather flag inside, and the entire thing can be zipped up for easy storage and transit.

What’s the difference between the pole bag and the carrying case?

The pole bag is a protective bag for the pole set that comes with your feather banner purchase when you choose the pole set option. When designing your banner, the pole set option is selected by default. The pole bag is exclusively for carrying the pole set, not a folded banner. The bag lacks a handle or a strap for carrying, as does the carrying case. A pole set, folding banner, and cross base are all stored in a carrying case. The carrying case is available as an add-on item.

Is the carrying case meant to accommodate feather banners of various sizes?

Depending on the size of your feather flag banner, the size of the additional optional carrying case will vary. One case is made to fit small or medium feather banners, while the other is made to fit large and XL feather banners. We’ll make certain you get the right size carrying case. If you desire this travel case, please pick the carrying case option when checking out.

What additional banners do you have available?

We offer a wide range of banners to fit your display requirements. Custom vinyl banners, fabric banners, and retractable banners are all available. A teardrop banner, similar to the feather flag banner, is also available. If you can’t find what you’re searching for, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you in selecting a product that meets your requirements.

Is it possible to have two flags on one pole?

Only one flag can be affixed to the pole at a time. Two feather flags on a single pole are not recommended. Our handmade feather banners and poles are made to coordinate with one another, ensuring that the product is as stable as possible. Placing two flags on one pole reduces the flagpole’s stability and may cause harm to the product. Putting two feather banners on one pole would likewise be unattractive and ineffective in communicating your message to others.

Is it necessary to use the pole set that I purchased, or may the banner be attached to any little pole?

The pole set that comes with your banner is specifically designed to work with it. You can theoretically utilise a different pole(s), however this may compromise the banner’s attachment to the pole. Other poles may not have a rope to aid attach the flag to the pole and base, but the pole set that comes with the banner does.

What are the most common uses for feather banners?

Feather banners are typically used to advertise sales or products/services outside of stores or businesses. These banners are a simple method to grab people’s attention without being too distracting. These banners are ideal for showcasing products at tradeshows or conventions due of their portability. They’re also a wonderful alternative for seasonal products or services that may be used year after year, weather allowing, because to their portability.

Will my banner fade or wear out over time?

If your banner is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended amount of time, it will fade or wear, just like any other printed material, or if it comes into touch with an abrasive surface. Using them repeatedly, as with most fabric materials, will result in wear and tear over time.

Installation & Maintenance

How do I put my feather banner together?

The feather flag banner is simple to put together. Take the largest pole, which will be the bottom of the finished flagpole, and place the second largest pole into the end with the silver tip while erecting the flag. Continue to add smaller poles until you reach the smallest one, the one with the small knob at the end. This will be the top of your flagpole after it’s finished. Now you may slide the pole through the bottom pocket of the flag and secure it to the pole. Take your time moving the pole through the pocket to avoid stretching or tearing the material or bending the pole in an undesired way.

After the flag material is affixed to the pole, it’s time to place it in the ground stake or one of the base options. Take the little cord from the flagpole and thread it through the small loop at the bottom of the flag material after inserting the pole into the stake or base. Insert the rope into the metal ring at the bottom of the flagpole now that it has passed through the loop. Secure your flag and pole together with a knot. You can now either set your assembled flag in or on the ground.

How can I fix the bungee on my banner that broke?

We are currently unable to provide a replacement bungee. While this small bungee aids in keeping the banner taut, it isn’t required for the flag to perform properly. As a result, you have a number of possibilities. The first option is to keep using the flag without it. Any other rope or little bungee will function in the same way as long as the fabric and metal hooks aren’t broken. We recommend purchasing a replacement banner and/or pole set if one of the hooks is broken.

How are the individual poles connected?

By simply fitting the end of one pole into the end of another, the poles are connected. The poles are not held together by a screw or a button/locking mechanism. Assemble the poles starting with the largest (bottom pole) and working your way down to the smallest (top of the pole).

What is the best way to take care of my banner?

When you correctly store your feather banner when it is not in use, caring for it involves minimal effort. Despite the fact that the flagpole and banner are both sturdy, we strongly advise storing them within during high-wind storms to avoid damage. To remove any dirt or other buildup, use a moist cloth and some water to clean the banner. These banners can also be machine washed in cold water on a low cycle. If you do decide to wash your flag in the machine, make sure you solely air dry it. Do not use a tumble dryer to dry it.

If you hang your banner outside, it’s preferable to bring it inside when you’re not using it (like after store hours). In addition to caring for your flag, it’s also necessary to protect it from the elements. It will last longer if you do not exhibit it in inclement weather or in very windy settings. High winds or extreme weather can irreparably ruin your feather flag. If this type of weather is expected, we recommend that you take it down. If you plan on storing the banner for a lengthy period of time, we recommend putting it in a protective case and keeping it off the ground to avoid damage.

How can I take down and store my personalised feather banner?

It’s just as simple to take apart your feather flag as it is to put it together. To begin, separate the flagpole from the base or stake to which it is fastened. Remove the rope that connects the post to the base. The banner should then be carefully removed from the pole. To avoid tearing or piercing the cloth, do not force the flag off the pole. After removing the banner, roll it up gently with the image on the inside and place it in the carrying case. Piece by piece, disassemble the flag pole, then store the individual poles in the pole bag or carrying box.