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Advertising Flags

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Make a statement with our large advertising flags

Full-color dye sublimation printing on 4 oz polyester cloth creates eye-catching advertising flags. Feather flags, angled flags, teardrop flags, and rectangle flags are among the four varieties of flags available. With your own advertising flag, you can draw attention and enhance sales!

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With over 20 years experience in large format printing, there’s no better advertising flag printing NYC service than Gorilla Printing. Talk to one of our expert team today to find the perfect flag for your needs, whether it’s a feather flag, spirit flag or teardrop flag. One of our designers can even help you put together a stunning graphic artwork for your flags.

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FAQs – Flags for Advertising

What makes advertising and business flags a good choice for me as a sign?

In a variety of commercial contexts, advertising or business flags are an excellent alternative for temporary or seasonal signs. When not in use, they are simple to set up and install, as well as to remove and store. They can be used for years if they are properly stored. We have a wide range of shapes and sizes available to help you achieve the look you want for your business or event. These flags are long-lasting and can be used inside a business or at an outdoor event. Finally, they are undoubtedly the most conspicuous form of advertising that a company may employ.

Where can I learn more about the many advertising and business flags?

Please click on the thumbnail image for the specific product on this page to discover more about each type of flag. You may also go directly to the product pages for each type of flag by clicking the “Learn More” button.

How long will it take to make my personalized advertising flag?

Our flags are made in a timely manner. Your flags will be manufactured the same night as your order is received. It will be delivered the next day. You can have your flags in your hands in as little as two business days with overnight shipping. To meet your needs, we provide a variety of shipping speeds.

Is it true that all of your advertising flags can be used with any pole set?

A pole set is included with all of our advertising flags. Each flag type’s pole set, on the other hand, is unique. Because different flags and flag sizes are not convertible amongst pole sets, please go to the relevant flag product page for further information.

Is it necessary to plant all company flags in the ground?

Ground stakes can be used to secure business flags in the ground. Other bases, on the other hand, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A cross basis, a square base, and a cross base with a water bag are among the bases available.

When I buy a business flag, does it include with skilled installation?

Our company flags are so simple to set up and use that no professional installation is required. You’ll have a custom business flag ready to display in just a few clicks and minutes. Please visit the product page for each flag to discover how simple the process is.

How do I take care of my company flags?

Flags should not be used in severe weather and should be stored in a safe place when not in use. Snagging, tearing, or ripping of the flag itself is the greatest risk during storage. If you’re diligent about where and how you store your flag, this shouldn’t happen in normal circumstances. The best place to store the flag is in a cool, dry room with no sharp edges or in a spot where it won’t be tossed around and come into contact with sharp edges or items that could harm the flag in any way. Please refer to the different flag product pages described above for precise care differences.

Is it possible to personalize my company’s flag?

Absolutely! Not only do we have four different shapes of flags, but they also come in a variety of sizes. You may also construct a unique business flag by selecting from our library of designs or uploading your own design. Please take advantage of our free design services if you need assistance with a design or would want us to develop something for you.

Is it possible to order multiple business flags with the same design (for example, a feather flag and a teardrop flag with the same pattern) in one order?

Yes, numerous flag types with the same design can be purchased. However, each flag type has a different shape, therefore the design for each flag may need to be tweaked somewhat to fit each shape. You’ll need to upload your logo or design to the design tool for each flag type if you want the design to appear on several flag types.

Is it permissible for me to use advertising and company flags for other types of display and advertising?

Yes, of course! Although these flags are mostly used for commercial and advertising purposes, they can also be utilized for personal and residential purposes such as block or neighborhood parties, races, charity activities, yard sales, and much more.

Do you have any bespoke advertising flags available that aren’t included on this page?

No, not at the moment. Though we are always looking for additional goods to add, such as business and advertising signs. Please contact us if you have any queries or are looking for a specific flag type that isn’t listed on this page.

Is it simple to carry the flags? What choices do you have for making this simple?

All of our flags are as simple to disassemble as they are to install. In only a few minutes, you can remove the pole set and fold the flag for storage and transit. The angled, feather, and teardrop flag pole sets simply slide into and out of each other, however the rectangular pole set is assembled and disassembled using push buttons that click into place.

Disassembling the flag by pulling apart each pole in the pole set and placing each pole into a carrying case is the best option for travelling. A carrying case is offered as an option for the angled, teardrop, and feather flags. There is presently no carrying case available for the rectangle flags. As a result, gym bags long enough to fit the poles of your pole set or the use of bungee cords or something similar to hold the pole set together are the most convenient ways to transport the poles. The flags can be folded and stored carefully in whichever bag you’re using to transport your flag and pole set. When transporting your folded flag, be careful not to let the poles damage it!

Will I need someone else to help me put up my flags? Will I be able to handle it on my own?

Depending on how many flags you have, having an extra pair of hands to help build them faster may be preferable. All of our flags, on the other hand, are simple to assemble and can be set up in a matter of minutes by one person.

Please keep in mind that installing ground stakes may necessitate the use of a rubber mallet, especially if the terrain is tougher. In order to fill the cross base with water bag and utilize it effectively to weigh your flag down, you’ll need access to a water source. Finally, a flat object to press down spring loaded snap buttons connecting two poles, as a pro suggestion from a company that has set up a flag or two, can occasionally spare the fingers some pressure for the push buttons on the rectangle flags. A butter knife, pocket knife, or even a key, for example, can sometimes be used to press down a resistant push button to prevent pinched fingers. Regardless, all of these flags are fairly simple to set up!

Do you just sell the flag? Is it necessary for me to purchase a pole set and other accessories?

Yes, we sell each of our flags individually. When ordering a flag, you are not required to purchase a pole set or any other equipment. Simply make sure that none of the options on the design tool are selected to receive merely a flag, regardless of the type. Underneath the editing area are the options. Before moving to the checkout page, you can double-check this in your cart. Please keep in mind that even sets with the same type of flag pole can vary. As a result, if you’re merely ordering a replacement flag, it must be the same size and kind as your old one in order for your present pole set to operate with it. Alternatively, you can utilize a previously ordered pole set if you know it is the same type and size and your existing pole set is in good shape. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

How long would it take for my design to be completed if I use your free design services? Is it true that these design services are completely free?

Our expert designers will assist you in creating your design as rapidly as possible. This time frame for your initial revision will never exceed one business day, and it is usually much shorter. Many of our customers contact us, receive a free design, and complete their order all in one day!

We’re convinced that if you offer the designer a decent understanding of what you’re attempting to achieve, you’ll be entirely satisfied in a short period of time.

Do the flags have a single or double sided design? Are the single-sided flags printed through or mirrored?

All of our flags are available in single-sided or double-sided printing. They are printed through for single sided flags, which means your design will be printed on one side of the fabric. Print through, on the other hand, meaning that your design will be seen from the back/unprinted side, but it will be mirrored.

Due to a liner between the front and rear sides of double-sided flags, we can print the same image on both sides or a different one on each side (depending on your design), none of which will be seen through the polyester. As a result, if you have two different designs, you won’t have to worry about the designs clashing. To create double-sided signs, use our design tool to select this option and then select “Back Side” to upload the same or a different file to the back side of your flag.

Are the flags going to fade in the sun?

Extended exposure to the sun, like practically all other printed signage from any manufacturer, will cause your flag to fade. Fading will vary depending on how you use it, where you reside, and other environmental conditions. Reduce the length of time your sign is exposed to the sun as much as possible to avoid fading. This can be accomplished by keeping your flag in storage between usage. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be concerned about fading in the short term because, with appropriate care, your flags should remain for years.

Is it possible for the flags to get wet? Is it possible to use them in the rain?

Your personalized advertising or company flags are weatherproof and may be used both indoors and outdoors. After that, they can be air dried or washed as needed. If specific washing instructions are required, please refer to the product pages. However, using your flag in the rain or other inclement conditions may shorten its lifespan. Although flags are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, we recommend that you take them down and store them until the weather improves. Failure to do so could cause serious and irreversible damage to your flag and pole set.

How long do you think my flag will last?

You may anticipate your flags to last two or more years if they are properly cared for and maintained. This also requires that your flags are not exhibited in any extreme weather that could permanently harm them.

What material are the poles composed of?

To make sturdy yet lightweight flagpole sets, fibreglass (angled, teardrop, feather) or aluminium (rectangle) poles are used.

What material are the flags made of?

The flags are all composed of 4-ounce polyester. Polyester is a wonderful material for flags since it has a good blend of strength and durability while remaining lightweight when compared to other flag-making materials. Polyester printing also produces clear and colorful results.

Will my flag blow away if I use it in an extremely windy area?

Although we don’t advocate using it in very windy conditions, you can use a ground stake or cross base with a water bag to anchor the flag while it’s in use to keep it from flying away. In the event of severe weather, your flag should be lowered.

How far away can my flag be seen? Is it going to work for oncoming traffic?

This question’s answer can be rather difficult. There are intricate formulae that factor in automobile speed, number of lanes, driver reaction time, and much, much more if you do it correctly. For our needs, there are a few things to think about and some general guidelines to follow, and your sign should be completely legible without having to bother about complicated calculations. The distance from the road and text height, as well as the size and style of your flag, are the most crucial things to consider when it comes to legibility. Let’s take a look at each one separately.

It’s safe to anticipate that your roadside flag will be within 10-40 feet of passing vehicles for most businesses. According to certain guidelines, your lettering should be 1″ tall for every 10 feet. Others advocate writing heights ranging from 4″ to 10″ for distances between 10 and 40 feet. If your lettering is anywhere between 3″ and 6″ high, you should be safe in terms of legibility with flags that are probably within 20 or 30 feet of the road. The size of the flag is the next consideration. Because of the preceding premise, this element is critical. Specifically, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough room on your flag for the letters to be shown at the proper heights. If in doubt, a larger flag is preferable.

Legibility is influenced by the design of your flag in at least two ways. The first consideration is the font type or appearance of the font you select. While the height of your letters should fulfil certain minimums, as explained above, font legibility varies. Cursive typefaces are, simply speaking, more difficult to read than block fonts. In such circumstances, we recommend using easy-to-read fonts. Another key factor to consider is contrast. The contrast between the color of your text and the color of your flag will greatly improve legibility. Black and yellow, for example, are recognised to be two of the most contrasted colors, but a pink script on a red flag will be more difficult to read. You may rest assured that everyone who passes by your flag will be able to see it clearly and fast if you keep these few points in mind when designing and purchasing it. If you still need assistance or are unclear whether your flag will be readable, please contact us to learn more about our free design services.

What factors go into determining the flag’s height? Is the height of the flag different from the printing area?

There are three separate metrics that come into play for each of our three flag varieties. Display height, flag height or size, and printable area are the three options. The greatest of the three sizes is the display height. When discussing flags in general, this is the standard height. This height comprises the whole size of the flag plus the base height, for example, if you buy a 15′ rectangle flag. This height will not be exactly as indicated due to the differences in the bases. This is true of any advertising or business flag you purchase from a firm. The display height, on the other hand, will be identical to the flag height indicated on our website.

The actual size of a flag is its height or size. On the individual product pages for each flag type, all of the sizes are listed. The printable area is the final size. This is usually only slightly smaller than the flag size to guarantee that no writing or designs are cut off during printing because they are too close to the flag’s edges. This is referred to as the “safe zone” by some. It will be on the design tool if this size is seen at all on our website. Otherwise, we’ve taken into account the decreased printable area size, so you don’t have to be concerned.

Are these flags as large as they appear in the graphic on this page, which shows them towering over a normal person?

Yes! The flag sizes and heights are appropriately depicted in the figure above. These flags are meant to be large and noticeable.

Is it true that the rectangle flag has the maximum surface area for design purposes?

Rectangle flags do, in fact, have the most print space for their size. Teardrop flags have the smallest amount of material. Both feather and angle flags have equal printing areas, so it’s mostly a matter of personal preference.

What happens if my flag is damaged when it arrives? What happens if my design or printing isn’t up to par?

Hopefully, this will not occur! However, please notify us if your flag was damaged during shipment or was printed wrongly. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by an award-winning customer service staff. We’ll work with you to set things right and ensure your satisfaction after you contact us.

These flags appear to have a variety of names. What’s the difference between all the flag names I’ve seen?

There are a number of different names for what is essentially the same flag. Typically, the names of flags with similar shapes are interchangeable. Flutter flags, blade flags, sail flags, event flags, swooper flags, bow flags, tall flags, and quill flags are other typical flag names in addition to feather, angled, teardrop, and rectangular flags that you may have heard of or seen.

Feather, angled, teardrop, and rectangle flags may or may not be synonymous with each of these terms. As much as we’d like to assign them to a specific flag type or form, the truth is that different firms and people will refer to the same type of business flag in different ways. Rather than focusing on the titles of the many types of flags, look at the shape of the flag to discover the flag type. If you don’t see the shape you want, please contact us to see if we can still make it but don’t have it available online.

Is there a distinction to be made between advertising flags and corporate flags? What about traditional flags?

Advertising flags and business flags are the same thing, and both names are usually used interchangeably. Outside of incredibly huge vinyl banners or billboards, these flags are some of the largest and most prominent signs you can purchase. Standard flags, such as the American flag, are what you’d see on a flagpole. Click here for more information about standard flags: custom flags.

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