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Lenticular Printing

Printed in-house using state of the art printing presses. Holograms, tilt cards, magic motion – we print all your lenticular 3D requirements.

Lenticular 3D Printing NYC

Lenticular Printing is a dynamic and exciting printing process which involves interlacing multiple images on the printing medium. The consumer is able to see these multiple images as they walk past the print, as their viewing angle changes. This allows for incredibly engaging and interactive advertising, where your messaging can change as customers walk past your ad. Its ideal for packaging, labels, flyers, cards, posters and even billboards and we’ve invested in state-of-the-art printing presses that allow us to print high quality lenticular projects with rapid turnarounds.


Image by Riot of Color

Lenticular Printing is a process where 2 (or more) images are cut in to a large number of thin strips which are arranged in alternating order along the printing medium. This step is called interlacing. Next, a transparent plastic layer of multiple hemi-spherical lenses are placed on top which are called lenticles. Lenticles bend the light passing through them, so when you look at the printed image from different angles, you are able to view the 2 (or more) different images.

This process allows for the creation of advertising that changes as you walk past it. True interaction with the customer at the street level. Lenticular printing has evolved to now include stereoscopic effects, animated prints and motorized lenticular where the image is able to shift without the consumer moving. Gorilla Printing are able to print all variety of lenticular and 3D applications. Talk to one of our expert team today about how you can utilize this dynamic advertising medium.

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