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Retractable Banners

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  • Max file size: 200 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai psd xd ps

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Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.


Discover our new tabletop retractable banners

Our popular retractable banners are made of 13 oz vinyl or 9 oz polyester that rise and retract easily from a sturdy metal base. Every retractable banner comes with a free carrying case included. Standard, premium, and deluxe versions are available in a wide variety of sizes making sure we have the right size and fit for all your trade show, event and promotional needs.

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Color Digital Printing

Product Features

Your graphic and messaging can be printed on 13 oz. vinyl or 9 oz. polyester fabric which included an adjustable pole on our premium and deluxe retractable banners allowing you to modify the size of your display (standard banners include a non-adjustable pole). To complement your display, LED display lights are also available. Because of the retractable banners’ durability, portability, and convenience of use, as well as the professional quality printing, your next trade show or event will be your finest yet.

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Why should you print with Gorilla Printing?

We’re the trusted printer of over 1500 companies & individuals. With over 20 years experience in large format printing, OOH campaign printing and service, we’ve got the know-how & capabilities to deliver any sized print job.

Got a question about our process? Find out here

What resolution should my artworks be?

When printing, the optimum print resolution for digital printers is 300 PPI. Blurring and pixelization will occur if a file is designed with a resolution less than 300 PPI. You should not, however, design with a resolution more than 300 PPI. There will be no change in print quality as far as the eye can perceive. It will also significantly increase the size of your file (increasing file upload/transfer time).

We usually suggest printing 300 PPI drawings, however we understand that you may not have the capacity to modify your designs. If you are unable to print your files at 300 PPI, you will need to take certain steps to guarantee that a lesser resolution will work for you.

Before you begin creating your file, we suggest that you set the resolution in your graphics editor (for example, Photoshop) to 300 PPI. Blurring/pixelation will still occur if the resolution is increased after the start.

Where can I pickup my printing jobs?

Pick-up is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During business hours, you may always fill out our contact form and we will contact you within one hour. We have two sites in New York City’s downtown area. Check which is more convenient: Manhattan’s SOHO district or Brooklyn’s Bensonhurst neighborhood. Our offices are both readily accessible by vehicle and train.

Every printing project in New York City requires a high level of quality and consistency. Our machines are exclusively operated by experts, and our skilled design staff is ready to assist you with your next printing job. We only take orders online at Printing New York, however if you have any questions or concerns about making your order, please contact us and a member of our staff will walk you through the process. Our knowledgeable and courteous guidance, coupled with our creative designers and skilled printing team, provide our customers with a service that will exceed their expectations. See for yourself by visiting one of our New York offices.

Do you check the artworks before printing?

Before printing, our staff double-checks all of the work. If we run into any issues with the files, we’ll let you know and show you how to alter the format. Please keep in mind that color and size mode conversions will be done automatically without any input from you.

We examine the drawings throughout the analysis.

– if the files are in one of the acceptable file types (PDF, JPG, TIFF, EPS or PS).
– if the file provided is greyscale (only if you have purchased a color print)
– if the file is the proper size (otherwise, we will scale your work to the required size, however this may result in a loss in quality). There will be no extra bleeding added to the procedure).
– if drill lines have been defined
– if the correct fonts have been included in the file

Why do my artworks require bleed?

All files should have a 2mm bleed on either side to guarantee that there are no white spots on the printed output. This implies that your design should always be 2mm bigger than the actual print format (including pictures and graphics). Failure to do so may result in minor differences, such as white margins. Place typefaces and important components of your design at least 3mm away from the final format (not counting bleeding) and avoid using edges as edges in layouts to guarantee that they are visible.

Optional: If providing data in an open format for printing, the bleed should be 4mm on each side (e.g., A4 size including bleed should be 301214mm). – Please prepare a file with 3mm bleed on either side if submitting files for presentation folders, banners, monthly calendars, packaging, or any other promotional technology items. – Envelopes should have a 1mm bleed on both sides. The elastic frames made of cloth must be bled 15mm.

Please refer to our artwork instructions if you need more information.

What filetypes do you accept for artwork?

JPG, PDF, EPS, TIFF, AI, PSD and PS (PostScript) are among the file types that may be uploaded

Ensure that your PDF file is saved in normal PDF/X format (PDF/X3 or PDF/X1a) straight from your graphics software. When saving artworks, select the “1.3 compatibility” option to prevent issues with layers and transparencies during the printing process.

If you’re transmitting TIFF files, keep the number of layers to a minimum.

Please do not utilize pre-separated data from DCS EPS to prevent color variations or issues with the printed picture.

Are you an environmentally friendly printer?

We certainly are! We provide the most comprehensive selection of soy ink-based eco-friendly printing goods in New York, including recycled business cards, brochures, presentation folders, sales sheets, stationery, catalogs, flyers, calendars, and more. Our regular stock is now recycled paper.

The printing sector has a bad reputation for environmental stewardship, with excessive use of water and energy, paper waste, and the usage of volatile chemicals that result in hazardous waste in the past. One of New York Print’s main priorities is environmental protection, and we try to put our world first.

Here’s how Gorilla Printing works on its footprint

– Using soy-based inks as standard
– Using recycled paper stocks as standard
– Printing techniques that decrease paper use, such as duplex printing
– Modern equipment that consume less energy
– Elimination of hazardous and volatile compounds
– We recycle our printing plates, press blankets, bottles, cans, and containers.
– We recycle obsolete equipment and computer components.

Uploading Your Artwork

We accept artwork files in the following formats:

Your artwork should be created in CMYK mode and 150-300 dpi quality. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file please merge all visible layers. Create your artwork files in the exact size that you are ordering, with no bleed, and no crop marks.

File Formats

150-300 dpi in CMYK mode
Outline your fonts, merge all visible layers

Design Templates

Use one of our free print templates to help save time with your order. Our design templates are a blank file which includes the correct bleeds and margins required to make sure your artwork is printed precisely accurate. All of our products’ print templates are available for immediate download at our Template Repository.

Our design templates are available in the following formats:

Download A Printing Template
Templates Background

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Discover More about Retractable Banners

Your retractable banner will require little to no ongoing care and maintenance if it is placed up and taken down correctly. In between uses, retracting the banner into the metal base will protect the material (fabric or vinyl) from possible damage. Furthermore, putting your stand, pole, and light in the padded case between usage should prevent damage. Stains can be wiped away with a moist cloth (vinyl and fabric) or cleaned in special circumstances (fabric only), as detailed in our FAQ section.

Always use caution when putting up and taking down your retractable banner. Slowly move the graphic out of the base and back in again, keeping the graphic centered on the base. Allowing the image to abruptly retract or snap back into the base, centered or uncentered, is not recommended. Your graphic and/or base may be permanently damaged if you do so. Attach the pole to the graphic’s base and top with care. Mishandling or mistreating the pole might result in irreversible damage, rendering the banner useless.

FAQS – Retractable Banners

What is the definition of a retractable banner?

A retractable banner is a sign that is contained in a metal base yet can be pulled out and shown. Because banners are such an effective marketing and promotion tool for businesses and their products or services, you’ll find them at many trade exhibitions and events. They’re designed for indoor usage, however they can be used outside for limited periods of time and not in extreme weather.

Is there a difference between’retractable banners’ and ‘pop up banners’?

Within the signs industry, the words “retractable banners” and “pop up banners” are frequently interchanged. Both terms allude to a retractable banner’s ability to roll up into and out of a metal retractable stand or base. Retractable banners are also known as pull-up displays, pull-up banners, and roll-up banners.

The only possible misunderstanding arising from these terminology is that “pop up banner” is often used to refer to what we refer to as a “pop up display.” A pop-up display, despite having a similar end use, is a larger, more expensive, and functionally distinct device (no hard foundation and a three-dimensional look).

The only thing you’ll need to specify is whether you want a regular, premium, or deluxe retractable banner, as long as it’s obvious that retractable banners and pop up banners are the same thing. The base, sizes supplied, carrying case, and double-sided capability are the key variations between these three, as detailed in the next question. By selecting the appropriate size on this page or using the design tool, you may choose between regular, premium, and deluxe variants of the retractable banner. If you’re still unsure, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist you!

What makes your regular, premium, and deluxe retractable banners different?

Fabric and vinyl are both options for the banner material on standard, premium, and deluxe retractable banners. The materials are different by nature, with the vinyl being a regular vinyl and the fabric being a gray-backed coated polyester. The grey background helps to eliminate lighting difficulties, while the coating ensures that the printing is more brilliant. When the fabric banner is shown in your retractable banner, the grey backing is not visible. Apart from that, the main distinction between these variants is the functioning of the base and double-sided versions. Each comes with a slightly different carrying case.

When the retractable banner is fully set up, it features a basic, albeit durable and reliable, base with feet on either end to offer support. These feet twist away from view when not in use, making them easier to store and/or transport. Retractable banners are available in two sizes: 24″x81″ and 33″x81″. When compared to the premium or deluxe variants, these banners are also less expensive. The conventional retractable has only one side. It also comes with a less complicated carrying case than the premium and deluxe variants. The carrying case’s interior is cushioned.

Our premium retractable banners have an updated base with stepped hardware and chrome end caps to give the assembled retractable banner a more professional look. 36″x92″, 48″x92″, and 60″x92″ premium retractable banners are available. Premium banners are single-sided and come with a hard case rather than a soft case. The carrying case’s interior is cushioned.

The deluxe retractable banner comes with a chrome endcap and sleek, elegant hardware. Its foundation is similar to the premium version, however it lacks the feet that the ordinary version has. The premium version comes in only one size: 33″x81″. Unlike the regular or premium versions, the deluxe banner allows you to have a double-sided retractable banner. When passing foot traffic is coming from both directions past the sign, this is ideal. The double-sided printing feature allows you to print the same thing on both sides of the banner or a different graphic on each side. The deluxe edition includes a soft carrying case with a shoulder strap and a side pocket that may be used for additional storage. The carrying case’s interior is cushioned.

A padded carrying case is included with each of the three banner variants (differences noted above). For both basic and premium banners (36″x92″), a single LED light is available as an add-on option. Two LED lights can be purchased with the two bigger premium banners and the deluxe banner.

Are retractable banners simple to transport?

Yes. Because retractable banners are lightweight and portable, they are simple to move, reposition, set up, and take down. We also provide a carrying case with either a shoulder strap or handles that makes transporting your banner to and from trade shows and other events as simple as carrying a lightweight duffle bag (cases for standard, premium, and deluxe banners differ and are explained in full detail in the previous question).

What kinds of materials can I use to print my graphic? What are the advantages and differences between these materials?

Your graphic can be printed on vinyl or fabric. Cloth banners are more colorful due to the coating added to the fabric before printing, while vinyl banners are more cheap and have a more matte feel. Vinyl is a long-lasting outdoor alternative since it resists water and fading, but it may also be used indoors. Our fabric material is scratch-resistant and has curl-free edges, making it a terrific indoor solution. Despite the fact that vinyl is commonly used outdoors, we prefer our basic vinyl banners above a retractable banner with the vinyl option if your end use is extended or permanent outside use.

Is it possible for your retractable banners to be used on both sides?

Yes! Our deluxe retractable banners are double-sided, allowing you to display your graphics on both sides. You can choose to have a single design on both sides of your banner stand or two separate graphics on each side. Our retractable banners, both basic and premium, cannot be used on both sides. We only print on one side of the banner for those two alternatives.

What is the best way to attach my graphic to the retractable banner?

The banner (vinyl and fabric) is then joined to the retractable component of the banner stand, which is situated inside the metal base that lays on the floor, after being digitally printed. The banner is then pulled up and out of the base unit before being secured in place with the adjustable pole.

Is it possible to change banners on the same stand?

Yes, whether you’re using a vinyl or fabric banner, you can change it out. We strongly advise that you have your graphics changed by a professional because your retractable banner is spring-loaded, and attempting to do it without knowing how could result in damage to the base and possibly harm.

Is there anything protecting the graphic on top of it?

There is nothing printed on top of your graphic. It’s printed straight into vinyl or fabric, depending on the material.

What is the size of the banner area? Is it possible to modify this?

The distinction between the reported size of basic, premium, and deluxe banners and their viewable regions is critical to comprehend. Because portion of your banner is still in your base and the metal bar at the top of the display, the viewable area is slightly lower in height.

As a result, the viewable banner area on a normal retractable banner measuring 24″ x 81″ is 24″ x 77″. The viewable banner area on a conventional retractable banner measuring 33″ x 81″ is 33″ x 77″.

A 36″ x 92″ premium retractable banner’s viewable banner area is 36″ x 88″. A 48″ x 92″ premium retractable banner’s viewable banner area is 48″ x 88″. A 60″ x 92″ premium retractable banner’s viewable banner area is 60″ x 88″.

The viewing area of the 33″x81″ deluxe retractable banner is 33″ x 77″ on both sides.

As can be seen, the viewable area for all of the banners is 4″ smaller than the height indicated. The extra four “We’ll add bleed to your design if it’s over a certain height.

This bleed region is indicated on the design tool by a dotted blue line at the top and a dotted blue line with the message “NON-VISIBLE AREA” at the bottom when “Retractable Banner” is selected. This is because the four inches of non-viewable space is made up of one inch for the top bar and three inches of material that will stay within the metal base at the bottom of your design, as mentioned above. Simply stay within these two dotted lines while designing your final product, and you will have no issues.

Alternatively, the width (24″, 33″, 36″, 48″, 60″) can be customised “, and 33″) is unchangeable in all of these locations. If you want to reduce the height of any of the premium sizes (36″, 48″, and 60″) or deluxe sizes (33″) banners, simply leave the lowest half of the graphic blank. When you remove your banner from the base, simply pull it up to the point where your design terminates. Due to the telescopic structure of the support pole, both premium and deluxe retractable banners can be modified to be as short as 70″ in height. The conventional banners, on the other hand, have a set height of 81″ and the supporting pole cannot be altered to a different height. Due to the width of the banner, the 60” premium retractable banner comes with two poles for more stability.

Do your retractable banners come in different sizes?

Yes, we have a variety of sizes available for your retractable banners. The size of the banner varies depending on whether it’s a Standard, Premium, or Deluxe type.

On the premium and deluxe retractable banners, the height of your graphic can be reduced to 70″. Standard banners have a predetermined height that cannot be reduced. The widths of all banners cannot be changed.

Is it possible for my design to be smaller than the banner area?

Yes, you can technically make your graphics smaller than the banner’s available space (see the question about banner areas two questions above). Simply leave the bottom half of your design blank or solid.

Do you print one-color or full-color retractable banners?

Our banners are now printed in full color, which means you may have the artwork on your banner printed in many colors or just one if that’s all you require.

Do you match the colors in the graphics I send you?

On our retractable banners, we do not currently offer color matching, however we usually match or come very near to the colors you supply in your file.

Is there a specific file format I need to utilise when uploading my retractable banner graphic(s)?

We prefer vectorized drawings or files for large signs, such as retractable banners. Please use the highest resolution file you have if you don’t have a vector file. It is suggested that the resolution be 200 dpi. We also provide free design services if you require assistance with your design.

How long do your retractable banners last?

With good usage and care, our retractable banners should endure for at least 5 years. The lifespan of your banner can be much longer, but it all relies on how you use it and how well you care for it.

Why aren’t these retractable banners shipped for free?

Any rigid sign exceeding 36″ in either dimension will attract a shipping charge, as per our regular policy. Because each of the three premium banner sizes has a 36-inch base, “We’re afraid we won’t be able to send these banners for free. This is true even if your order contains other items that would normally qualify for free shipping. Our deluxe retractable banner, as well as all of our basic banner sizes, are both eligible for free ground shipping under our shipping policy because they are all under 36″ wide. This will not be the case if your order includes any rigid signs that are larger than 36” in size or require freight shipping.

What if my retractable banner designs contain more than two colors? Will it be more expensive?

No. All of our signs are printed in full color, therefore no matter how many colors your banner(s) have, your cost will not increase. The cost of your order is decided by the quantity you order, the shipping choices you select, and any taxes that may apply.

Is it necessary for me to utilise one of your templates for my retractable banner?

No. We have a large selection of templates that you can use to start your design. You can also contact us to take advantage of one of our experienced designers’ free design services. You may also use our design tool to make your own bespoke retractable banner by uploading your file(s).

Is it necessary to assemble retractable banners?

Our retractable banners are simple to put together. Simply take everything out of the carrying case, secure the pole, pull the banner from the aluminium base, and secure it to the pole. When attaching the image to the pole, make sure it is securely in place before letting go. If you let off of the graphic, it will immediately retreat to the base, potentially causing lasting harm. Use caution when handling or installing the pole(s), since they can bend if mishandled or installed incorrectly. Attach the graphic’s top on the pole with care. Excessive force may cause harm to your retractable banner. Simply attach the light(s) to the top of the stand if you ordered a display light or lights. It should only take a few minutes to put everything together.

Is the retractable banner’s case included? What about LED lighting?

A retractable banner order includes the standard, premium (hard shell or rigid), and deluxe carrying cases, but not the LED Light(s). The LED display light can be added to your order for an additional cost by selecting it as an option on the design tool or shopping cart pages. The two larger premium variants, as well as the deluxe version, come with two LED lights. If you buy the rest of the banners, you’ll just get one LED light.

Is the carrying case supplied with the regular, premium, and deluxe flags the same? Is it possible to use the case in different ways?

While each of the three retractable banners comes with a carrying case, the cases are unique to each style of banner and the size of the banner. They can’t be used interchangeably.

The ordinary case (both sizes) is significantly more straightforward. It resembles a gym bag or a tent pole bag in terms of rigidity. It has some padding, but it is not as protective as the premium case. Your retractable banner and support pole slide inside the bag when one end of the case zips open. If purchased, it will not fit an LED light or lights. For portability, it has two sewn-in handles or a smaller shoulder strap.

The premium case (in all three sizes) is a cushioned, hard shell case with some rigidity that is about rectangular in shape. It opens up like a suitcase and has two zippers. This case conveniently fits the base, rolled-up banner, support pole, and LED light(s) (if purchased). Multiple pole compartments and two velcro straps keep the stowed banner in place during transport on the interior of the bag. For simple travel, the premium case has a stitched handle as well as a shoulder strap.

The deluxe case is in the middle of the basic and premium casings. It does not have the same rigidity as the premium case and does not have the same rectangular shape. On one end, it zips open to allow you to slide in your support pole and your base with retracted banners. The interior is padded, and the exterior features a leather finish on one end. There is also a side pocket for additional storage. For convenient travel, it contains two sewn-in handles and a shoulder strap.

What is the number of poles included with the retractable banner?

A single pole is included with the 36″x92″ and 48″x92″ variants for supporting the retractable display, whereas the 60″x92″ model comes with two poles. There is only one pole on both the Standard and Deluxe retractable banners.

Is it possible to buy simply the bases?

We do not currently sell the bases separately on our website. Please contact us if you require a replacement base or stand as a stand-alone item. We recommend that you either get a new retractable banner or have your graphic replaced by an expert, as this technique can easily damage your banner and cause injury if not done correctly.

Will my banner and all of its components be sent in the same box?

Yes, your retractable banner, base stand, carrying case, and LED display light(s) (if you selected this option) will all ship in the same package and arrive at your preferred location.

How do I put my retractable banner together?

There is no need to install or assemble a retractable banner. To assemble your retractable banner, just take everything from the carrying container, lock the pole into place, pull the banner out of the metal base, and attach it to the pole. Make sure the feet on the bottom of the base are perpendicular to the base when using the conventional banner option. This will aid in the stability of the standard banner when it is being built and used. If you bought a display light (or lights), all you have to do now is attach them to the top rung of the standard, premium, or deluxe banner. It just takes a few minutes to complete the assembly and takedown operation, which involves reversing the assembly processes.

How careful should I be when removing my banner and replacing it in the base?

You must carefully and gently withdraw your flag from the base and replace it in the base. Pulling out or returning too quickly can harm your banner. It can also cause your banner to be crookedly placed in the base. The margins of your sign may be damaged if you place your banner in the base crookedly. Please take care when retracting your banner and make sure the graphic’s edges are smooth and centered.

Will my retractable banner come with instructions for assembly?

Yes, your banner comes with assembly instructions, which you can find inside the carrying container. Please contact us if you have any queries about putting your banner together. However, as previously said, your banner should arrive completely assembled.

What is the best way to keep my retractable banner?

We recommend retracting your banner into the base and then storing your retractable banner, pole, and light in the carrying case to store your banner (premium case only). To avoid damage, store this in a dry, room-temperature location between usage. Despite the fact that the bases are fairly sturdy, do not set anything heavy on your banner, even if it is in the carrying case, and do not toss or drop it, whether inside or outside the case.

Is there anything I need to do to keep my retractable banner in good working order?

If you set up and take down your retractable banner correctly, it will require little to no maintenance in the future. In between usage, retracting the banner into its metal base will protect the fabric or vinyl from any potential harm.

Stains on vinyl or fabric banners can be easily removed with warm water and a gentle, moist cloth. Abrasive cloths or harsh cleaners should never be used on your banner since they can damage the printing. These banners are UV printed and cannot be machine cleaned or laundered in any way.

Roll Up Banner Usage

Will my retractable banner’s base be easily damaged?

The foundation, which is a sturdy metal platform, should be resistant to wear and tear. It’s a robust base that gives your retractable banner a lot of solidity. However, you should never put anything on top of your retractable banner or stand, as we’ll explain below. Also, before storing and travelling with the banner, make sure it’s strapped into the case (premium case only).

Is it okay for me to take my retractable banner outside? Are there any restrictions or exceptions?

While our retractable banners are designed for interior usage, they can also be utilised for brief periods of time outside. The vinyl banner is the finest option because it is more weather resistant. However, we strongly advise you not to use your retractable banner outside in adverse weather, particularly when there are strong winds, heavy rain, or persistently freezing temperatures.

Is it possible that my retractable banner will fade, scuff, or wrinkle?

Unlike cheap, low-quality banners, we employ lasting materials and high-quality ink on all of our banners, resulting in retractable banners that don’t fade and are scratch resistant. Of course, any sign may fade over time, but the ink will last longer.

Because of the materials we use, your bespoke banner should last for several years.

What are the most common applications for retractable banners?

Retractable banners are most commonly used to advertise and promote business products and services in tradeshow display booths, as well as during events and conferences. They’re also fantastic for presentations and point-of-purchase displays because they’re eye-catching and grab the attention of everybody who goes by. They can also be used for directional signage, sign-in tables, and other things at events and conferences.

Is it possible to reuse my retractable banner?

Yes! Our retractable banners are long-lasting and can be reused. Simply preserve them according to the directions below, and you should be able to reuse these banners for years to come. If you want to change the design on your retractable stand, we recommend printing one from us and having it reinstalled by a professional.