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Gallery Wrap

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  • Max file size: 200 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai psd xd ps

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Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.


Bring Your Photos to Life with Gallery Canvas Wrap

We use state-of-the-art digital printing presses to bring your photos and artworks to life on a semigloss canvas wrap material. Hand wrapped on to high quality MDF stretcher frames, these canvas wraps look incredible on the wall, with rich and dynamic colors.

We offer 4 different types of edge options including black or white to match your walls and a mirror image finish which wraps the image across the entire edge. All digitally printed at 720×720 high resolution giving an amazing finish. All our gallery wraps include a hanging accessory kit.

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We’re the original ‘same day’ large format printer. With 3 hour turnarounds on the widest range of products.

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Nationwide shipping with UPS couriers is included with every order.


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With over 20 years experience in large format printing, our team can help tackle any job.

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Why should you print with Gorilla Printing?

We’re the trusted printer of over 1500 companies & individuals. With over 20 years experience in large format printing, OOH campaign printing and service, we’ve got the know-how & capabilities to deliver any sized print job.

Got a question about our process? Find out here

What resolution should my artworks be?

When printing, the optimum print resolution for digital printers is 300 PPI. Blurring and pixelization will occur if a file is designed with a resolution less than 300 PPI. You should not, however, design with a resolution more than 300 PPI. There will be no change in print quality as far as the eye can perceive. It will also significantly increase the size of your file (increasing file upload/transfer time).

We usually suggest printing 300 PPI drawings, however we understand that you may not have the capacity to modify your designs. If you are unable to print your files at 300 PPI, you will need to take certain steps to guarantee that a lesser resolution will work for you.

Before you begin creating your file, we suggest that you set the resolution in your graphics editor (for example, Photoshop) to 300 PPI. Blurring/pixelation will still occur if the resolution is increased after the start.

Where can I pickup my printing jobs?

Pick-up is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During business hours, you may always fill out our contact form and we will contact you within one hour. We have two sites in New York City’s downtown area. Check which is more convenient: Manhattan’s SOHO district or Brooklyn’s Bensonhurst neighborhood. Our offices are both readily accessible by vehicle and train.

Every printing project in New York City requires a high level of quality and consistency. Our machines are exclusively operated by experts, and our skilled design staff is ready to assist you with your next printing job. We only take orders online at Printing New York, however if you have any questions or concerns about making your order, please contact us and a member of our staff will walk you through the process. Our knowledgeable and courteous guidance, coupled with our creative designers and skilled printing team, provide our customers with a service that will exceed their expectations. See for yourself by visiting one of our New York offices.

Do you check the artworks before printing?

Before printing, our staff double-checks all of the work. If we run into any issues with the files, we’ll let you know and show you how to alter the format. Please keep in mind that color and size mode conversions will be done automatically without any input from you.

We examine the drawings throughout the analysis.

– if the files are in one of the acceptable file types (PDF, JPG, TIFF, EPS or PS).
– if the file provided is greyscale (only if you have purchased a color print)
– if the file is the proper size (otherwise, we will scale your work to the required size, however this may result in a loss in quality). There will be no extra bleeding added to the procedure).
– if drill lines have been defined
– if the correct fonts have been included in the file

Why do my artworks require bleed?

All files should have a 2mm bleed on either side to guarantee that there are no white spots on the printed output. This implies that your design should always be 2mm bigger than the actual print format (including pictures and graphics). Failure to do so may result in minor differences, such as white margins. Place typefaces and important components of your design at least 3mm away from the final format (not counting bleeding) and avoid using edges as edges in layouts to guarantee that they are visible.

Optional: If providing data in an open format for printing, the bleed should be 4mm on each side (e.g., A4 size including bleed should be 301214mm). – Please prepare a file with 3mm bleed on either side if submitting files for presentation folders, banners, monthly calendars, packaging, or any other promotional technology items. – Envelopes should have a 1mm bleed on both sides. The elastic frames made of cloth must be bled 15mm.

Please refer to our artwork instructions if you need more information.

What filetypes do you accept for artwork?

JPG, PDF, EPS, TIFF, AI, PSD and PS (PostScript) are among the file types that may be uploaded

Ensure that your PDF file is saved in normal PDF/X format (PDF/X3 or PDF/X1a) straight from your graphics software. When saving artworks, select the “1.3 compatibility” option to prevent issues with layers and transparencies during the printing process.

If you’re transmitting TIFF files, keep the number of layers to a minimum.

Please do not utilize pre-separated data from DCS EPS to prevent color variations or issues with the printed picture.

Are you an environmentally friendly printer?

We certainly are! We provide the most comprehensive selection of soy ink-based eco-friendly printing goods in New York, including recycled business cards, brochures, presentation folders, sales sheets, stationery, catalogs, flyers, calendars, and more. Our regular stock is now recycled paper.

The printing sector has a bad reputation for environmental stewardship, with excessive use of water and energy, paper waste, and the usage of volatile chemicals that result in hazardous waste in the past. One of New York Print’s main priorities is environmental protection, and we try to put our world first.

Here’s how Gorilla Printing works on its footprint

– Using soy-based inks as standard
– Using recycled paper stocks as standard
– Printing techniques that decrease paper use, such as duplex printing
– Modern equipment that consume less energy
– Elimination of hazardous and volatile compounds
– We recycle our printing plates, press blankets, bottles, cans, and containers.
– We recycle obsolete equipment and computer components.

Uploading Your Artwork

We accept artwork files in the following formats:

Your artwork should be created in CMYK mode and 150-300 dpi quality. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file please merge all visible layers. Create your artwork files in the exact size that you are ordering, with no bleed, and no crop marks.

File Formats

150-300 dpi in CMYK mode
Outline your fonts, merge all visible layers

Design Templates

Use one of our free print templates to help save time with your order. Our design templates are a blank file which includes the correct bleeds and margins required to make sure your artwork is printed precisely accurate. All of our products’ print templates are available for immediate download at our Template Repository.

Our design templates are available in the following formats:

Download A Printing Template
Templates Background

Review Highlights - Gallery Wrap

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  1. Barry Hall
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Amazing finish. They were shipped same day. Thank you Gorilla Printing

  2. Juju
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Great quality artworks and was able to collect them in store which made it quicker.

  3. Karen
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    At first i was worried that my photo would be too small to print, but I was pleasantly surprised with the finished artwork. The photo even looks better than the original. I have printed out more for the whole family. Thank you very much.

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Discover More about Gallery Wrap

Make gorgeous canvas prints out of your favourite photos and memories. These pictures, which are digitally produced on gallery-quality semi-gloss canvas, are ideal for any area in the house. Your image is hand-wrapped around a 1.5″ hardwood frame and includes a sawtooth bracket for easy installation and hanging. Choose from three different edge styles for your own canvas print and order it today!


Easy to Hang: Each print comes with a sawtooth bracket, allowing you to hang your canvas within minutes of getting it out of the box.
Stretcher frame with 1.5″ thickness for a gorgeous and bold print

Handcrafted: Each of our unique canvas prints is individually handcrafted, stretched, and stapled to a wood frame.

Image Grade: High-quality printers and premium canvas ensure that your photo is produced with vibrant colors and retains its quality.

What exactly is canvas? What is the difference between a canvas wrap and a canvas print?

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric that is most commonly made of linen or cotton these days. Hemp was also utilised to make canvas in the past. This cloth is most usually used for painting, but it can also be used to make sails and tents.

Digitally printing your favourite and most memorable photographs or artwork on canvas is also a great idea. It is frequently wrapped around a wooden frame and hung in both personal and professional settings. As a result, it’s also known as a canvas print or canvas wrap. The two phrases are frequently used interchangeably, with the latter signifying the presence of a wooden stretcher frame or bars. For a high-quality, polished look, our canvas prints are stretched over a 1.5″ hardwood frame.

Does my print lose any clarity or quality when printed on canvas composed of cotton or linen?

Our canvas prints are produced on a semi-gloss white canvas with a somewhat textured surface, so your artwork will be slightly textured. While you won’t receive the same high-gloss

photo finish as you would with photo paper, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the print’s quality and clarity. Canvas photo prints are a popular and extensively used method of printing artwork and personal photos for decoration.

Having said that, the original photo you upload to the site will decide the clarity and polish of your canvas print first and foremost. When printed on canvas or any other media, images or files that are out of focus or have poor resolution (low DPI or pixelation) will have the same problems. You will get a high-quality print if you have a high-resolution photo, which is especially important for large canvas prints.

Is there a distinction between stretcher frames/bars and a traditional timber frame?

Yes. Canvas is often wrapped around or stretched across a stretcher frame or bars. The poster is wrapped around and stapled to this simple frame, which can be hung from any firm surface. This is the most frequent way to wrap a canvas. A conventional wooden frame is a separate frame into which the wrapped canvas is placed. Additional framing is not included with our canvas wraps.

What is the method for attaching my canvas print to the stretcher frame? Will it loosen up and lose its stretched appearance over time?

Your bespoke canvas print is hand-wrapped across a robust, yet light, hardwood stretcher frame by one of our skilled specialists once it has been printed. This stretcher frame is commonly used in the art sector, as previously stated. Small nails on the back side secure the stretched canvas to the “frame.” These staples will not be visible from the front or sides of your print if you choose the Mirror Image, White, or Black edge option (explained more thoroughly below). While all stretched materials lose tautness with time, your canvas should remain tightly stretched across the stretcher frame for an extended period of time assuming no damage to the print.

Is it possible to just order the print and frame it myself?

Buying “unstretched canvas” or “rolled canvas” refers to purchasing a canvas print without the stretch frame/bars or decorative frame. We do not provide unstretched canvas prints at this time. All prints are stretched onto a 1.5″ thick hardwood frame with a choice of three different edging configurations. In the future, we plan to provide unstretched canvas prints in addition to the wrapped and stretched canvas that we presently sell.

What is the stretcher frame’s thickness? Are there any other thicknesses available?

We presently have 1.5″ thick frames available. This 1.5″ thickness creates a sturdy yet attractive frame for your custom canvas print. There are currently no additional frame thicknesses available.

Do you have any easel backs or other backings that I may use to hang my print on my mantel?

We do not offer easel backs (similar to photo frames) or backings that allow you to stand up your canvas print on a table, mantel, or other flat surface at this time. A variety of our Signs For Home goods, including glossy photo prints, matte photo prints, and metallic photo prints, come with easel backs.

What sizes do you have available right now? Is there a way to get a bespoke size? Are there any limitations?

While we have a large selection of conventional sizes, we do not presently provide bespoke sizes. Please contact us for free design services if you need assistance cropping a picture or file to fit one of the sizes specified below. The sizes that we have available are shown below. Please keep in mind that the dimensions for each size indicated can be flipped for a print in the opposite orientation. A 12″ x 18″ print, for example, would be a vertical portrait, but an 18″ x 12″ print would be a landscape print. The flipped or opposite orientation sizes are not displayed, but they are all available in our design tool’s size drop down option.

8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″, 12″ x 16″, 12″ x 18″, 16″ x 20″, 16″ x 24″, 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, 32″ x 48″ Standard Sizes: 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″, 12″ x 16″, 12″ x 18″, 16″ x 20″, 16″ x 24″, 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, 32

12″ x 12″, 16″ x 16″, 24″ x 24″ square sizes

If you offer free shipping, why is shipping so expensive?

With the exception of rigid signs that are above 36″ in any dimension or any purchase that requires freight shipment, we offer free shipping on all orders over $75. Thus, unless you add another large rigid sign, shipping will only apply to a couple of the numerous sizes we provide for your custom canvas print order.

Is it possible to wrap my canvas around my own handmade frame?

As previously stated, we only sell canvas prints with a 1.5″ frame thickness at this time. At this time, only the canvas print is available. We hope to be able to sell canvas prints without frames in the near future.

What is the expected lifespan of my canvas print?

Your canvas print should last for at least five years assuming no intentional or unintentional damage during installation or daily use. It will likely live considerably longer if it is placed on a wall and kept out of harm’s way (no direct sunlight, water, humidity, or accidental contact).

My artwork or drawing is incredibly intricate and complex. Does this imply that it will be more expensive for me?

No, everything is printed in full color, and we provide free design services. Your pricing will be decided by the sign options, size, quantity, and delivery option you select during ordering, regardless of the complexity of your artwork.

Do you provide color matching services?

We do not offer color matching at this time. We will do our best to print in the colors you want, but we can’t promise it because monitors display colors differently. With literally tens of thousands of satisfied clients, we’re positive you’ll like your unique canvas print!

So, would my artwork or photo appear precisely as it does on my monitor on my canvas print?

Colors may differ from one monitor to the next. As a result, we cannot guarantee that colors will appear exactly as you see them. Though color matching requests are usually made using vector or design files comprising trademarks and logos developed with graphic design software. The resolution and clarity of photos or paintings printed on canvas will be heavily influenced by their original resolution and clarity. Assuming you have a high-resolution image, we’re confident you’ll obtain a high-quality print that doesn’t disappoint you in terms of color.

What kind of services do you give to help me fix my picture if you do photo to canvas? Do you provide photo retouching?

The most important thing to remember when going from a picture to a canvas is to pick a high-resolution image or photo. We can usually improve design files by vectorizing them, but we can’t do the same with images or pictures. Nonetheless, we have skilled designers on staff that can retouch and enhance your photo to the best of our abilities. Please contact us for free assistance if you are unsure about printing your photo on canvas owing to quality issues. We’ll assist you in creating a gorgeous canvas painting!

Should I be concerned about someone punching a hole in my print or puncturing it?

During any form of handling and installation of your custom print, you run the highest risk of harming it. Assuming you don’t trip or drop anything while doing these two activities, the chances of your print tearing or being punctured in any manner are small. Large canvas prints, of course, pose a greater risk of puncturing the canvas. However, given the appropriate level of prudence, safe handling, and sufficient persons handling the print, this shouldn’t be a worry in the vast majority of circumstances (s).

Is it possible to have a canvas print on two sides?

Single-sided canvas prints are nearly always hung or mounted on sturdy surfaces. If you’re looking for a double-sided sign, please look at our other options.

What kind of wood is used to construct the stretcher frame? Is it actually long-lasting?

The MDF wood we use for the stretcher frame is commonly used for canvas wraps. This wood is light, inexpensive, and long-lasting. As previously stated, if no deliberate effort is made to cause harm, wooden stretcher frames should survive a very long time.

Do you use any raised lettering on your canvas prints?

No, there are no raised or embossed elements on your file or artwork because it is printed straight onto the print. The finished product has a semi-gloss sheen.

Is it possible to cut my print into a specific shape?

At this moment, we only have the sizes stated above in stock. There are no choices for cutting your canvas print to fit a certain form. Please look at our other signage and decal options if you’re searching for cut-to-shape signs.

Is there anything that can be used to safeguard the canvas print?

Over our canvas prints, we don’t use any protective coatings. However, we use fade- and scratch-resistant ink, which should ensure a long-lasting print unless the printed portion is intentionally damaged or scratched.

What is the appearance of the default material?

Before printing, a blank piece of canvas appears white with a small roughness. It has a semi-gloss sheen to it.

Are canvas wraps and canvas prints the same thing? What about canvas paintings for your walls?

As previously stated, the distinctions are mostly conceptual. A photo, photograph, or artwork printed on canvas is referred to as a canvas wrap or canvas print. When a print is
stretched (i.e. wrapped) around some form of wooden frame, the term “canvas wrap” is frequently employed. So, whether you use one term or the other, we’ll know what you’re

talking about. Please keep in mind that we only sell prints with the stretcher frame, not just the prints themselves.

Canvas wall art is mostly interchangeable with these phrases, much like the semantic distinction between canvas prints and canvas wraps. These work wonderfully as a piece of art that can be put on our 1.5″ thick frame, whether it’s a little or large canvas wall art poster for your house or office. Because of the semantic distinction, you can make almost any type of

custom canvas wall painting you can think of!

I require a canvas print as soon as possible. How quickly can you deliver it to me?

Orders placed before 9 p.m. EST are printed the same night and shipped the following business day. As a result, your canvas print might arrive in as little as two business days.
Is there a limit to how much I can print?
For your custom canvas print, we can print almost any image you choose. However, we reserve the right to cancel any order that does not comply with our terms of service. We also want to remind you that our terms of service state that you must have all necessary permissions to print copyrighted content as the buyer.

Should I use a specific file type? Is there a file size limit for the photo I want to use?

Upload the photo you want printed on canvas to our online design tool (www.Gorilla Printing/design). It can handle a wide range of file types. .AI,.EPS,.PS,.PDF,.JPEG,.JPG,.PNG,.GIF,.BMP,.TIFF,.TIF are few examples. We recommend saving your photo or image in the file type that delivers the best quality and resolution. This is usually a digital camera’s high-resolution JPG image.

The maximum file size for uploading is 25 megabytes (MB). Uploading and using a lower quality file while placing an order is the easiest way to go for files larger than 25MB. Please indicate that you have done so in the customer comments area on the checkout page and that you will be uploading a higher resolution file. Please upload your high-resolution file to upload.Gorilla Printing once your order is complete. Include your order number and any further remarks about your file here.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the edge options? Will the canvas wrap over the wooden frame cause some of my image to be lost?

When we wrap your image around the perimeter of the stretcher frame, we will not lose any of the image that you uploaded to the website. This is obviously not an issue for the black and white edge. We simply mirror the edges of your photo to give us enough material to extend the canvas around the wooden frame for the mirror image. This gives the pattern a lovely appearance, and the mirrored edges are practically imperceptible to the human eye. This ensures that your prints have canvas on one side and that the wooden frame and staples are always hidden.

Is it safe to transport my canvas print?

Yes, we send your canvas print with great care. We know a thing or two about packaging, having transported hundreds of signs. Your print will most likely be wrapped in craft paper first, then bubble wrap, and then placed into a cardboard box. Your print should arrive in pristine shape as a result of this.

Is that to say I’ll be getting a cheap canvas print because of your low prices?

Rest assured that our “cheap canvas prints” are only as cheap as their pricing. We’re able to offer rock-bottom rates with magnificent, museum-quality wrapped prints thanks to years of industry knowledge and efficiencies in our production processes. We utilise high-quality canvas and ink, properly package them, and are confident that you will enjoy your canvas images! Order a poster today and join the thousands of others who have given Gorilla Printing rave reviews for canvas prints and other custom signage.

Is it possible to print Instagram or Facebook photos straight on canvas?

Yes! We’re working frantically on a feature that will allow you to login directly to your Instagram or Facebook account and print your favourite Instagram and Facebook photos directly on canvas. Our website’s functionality for this feature is currently incomplete. So, if you’re wanting to print your Instagram or Facebook photos on canvas, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you in getting canvas prints of your social media photos.

Do you sell canvas collages or canvas prints with multiple panels?

Yes and yes again! We don’t have any preset filters or collage templates for a canvas collage print, but we can certainly assist you in making one. Simply contact us with a general concept of what you’re trying to achieve as well as the actual files, and we’ll design and arrange your photos for free.

Multi-panel canvas prints (diptychs or triptychs; an example of the latter can be seen in our gallery on this page) are possible through our free design services, much like collages. Simply send us the file(s) and dimensions for your multi-panel display, and we’ll assist you in designing it so you can purchase prints quickly online. You may have your multi-panel

print hanging in your home or business in a matter of days!

What type of guarantee do your canvas prints come with?

Our canvas prints, like the rest of our products, are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there’s a problem with your sign, please contact us straight away and we’ll do everything we can to fix it.

Is it true that my canvas print will fade over time?

Your canvas print should hold its clarity for at least five years, and in most cases much, much longer, assuming indoor use and regular maintenance. Even if the artwork is stored indoors as intended, regular and direct exposure to sunshine might cause fading over time.

Is it possible for my canvas print to bend or puncture?

Intentional or accidental pressure on the stretched area of the canvas print, as indicated above, might irreversibly harm the product. When handling your print, be cautious of creases, a hole or puncture, staples falling out, or even a change in the tightness of the wrap. The canvas print, like a window screen, can’t just “pop” back into place and be as taut and lovely as it was before. However, as long as you use it properly and take care of it, you should be fine.

Is it possible to use canvas prints outside? Are there any additional limitations?

No. Canvas prints should only be used inside. Your canvas print will be ruined if it is exposed to the elements (rain, snow, etc.). Hanging your print in a humid environment, such as a small bathroom or immediately over a heat source, is also a bad idea. Furthermore, as previously said, your canvas print should not be displayed in direct sunlight for an extended amount of time. Furthermore, whenever possible, soft lighting should be used in an ideal environment. By breaking down the canvas fibres over time, both sunshine and artificial illumination (to a lesser extent) can produce discoloration. It will last longer if you hang your print out of direct sunlight and in dimly lit areas.

Is it possible that my print may scratch? What about fingerprints and smudges?

Scratching your canvas print is difficult as long as there isn’t a deliberate effort to do so. Nonetheless, we recommend that you handle and install your print with extreme caution. Scratches are most likely to happen during these two events. As a last resort, little nicks or scratches can sometimes be healed with a soft tip felt pen or marker.
Although your canvas should be resistant to smudges and fingerprints in general, we nevertheless recommend treating the print as if it were a painting (i.e. hold and handle your canvas print by using the edges or the back of the print where it is stapled onto your wooden frame). Small smudges or fingerprints can usually be removed with a slightly damp rag, as previously suggested. Use no cleaners, solvents, or other liquids, whether sprayed directly on the print or on the rag that will be used.

What are some of the most common uses for canvas prints?

While canvas prints are typically acquired for ornamental purposes, their real applications and locations vary as much as any other sort of signs we offer. We’ve seen it used as artwork in infant or nursery rooms, children’s bedrooms, formal rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and just about everywhere else in the house. Pictures of infants, families, weddings, vacations, pets, and sentiments or quotations are all popular canvas print ideas. We’ve also seen them in dorm rooms, frat houses, cabins, and other places that need to be decorated but are only used for a season or two.
Custom prints have a wide range of professional applications. They’re ideal for office spaces, hallways, lobbies, reception areas, waiting rooms, and even conference rooms. Canvas

prints are also widely displayed in schools, museums, art galleries, and government buildings. Canvas prints are frequently used by businesses for branding and to establish or reinforce a company culture.

Landscapes, skylines, stadiums, or panoramic prints, images of family or other loved ones, branding and logos, and even artwork done by professional artists are all ideal for canvas prints in both circumstances. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a do-it-yourself interior designer, or a proud parent with a lovely family, a canvas print will suit you wonderfully! You may also browse our entire collection of home décor prints.

Can I use these signs with metal frames or even frames that I already own?

Our canvas prints may usually be framed with a conventional frame. However, at this time, we only sell canvas prints with a wooden stretcher frame and no additional ornamental frames. We also don’t sell prints that haven’t been wrapped or stretched across a 1.5″ thick frame.

Will my canvas print be harmed by water? Humidity?

Canvas prints should only be used inside. Any sort of water has the potential to harm your print. Extremely humid environments might potentially cause long-term damage to your print. We recommend an indoor area with low humidity levels.

Where can I hang my canvas print? How do I hang it?

Almost any hard surface can be used to attach your bespoke canvas print. The procedure of drilling, anchoring, and hanging the sign varies significantly depending on the surface on which it will be mounted, but it is generally the same.

Install the sawtooth brackets to the top centre of the backside of the canvas after measuring, marking, and ensuring a level hang. At least one accessory kit, consisting of one bracket and two screws, will be included with each print. Install the bracket(s) into the top centre of the wooden stretcher frame on the rear of the canvas with a handheld screwdriver.

After you’ve attached the bracket to your poster, you’ll need to hang it on the wall (or other firm surface) using something (typically a nail or small screw). Smaller prints shouldn’t need to be nailed into studs (if mounted on drywall), but larger pictures should be nailed into existing studs for safety. Tap the nail into the wall using the previously marked and measured location. When you’re finished, use the brackets that came with your canvas to hang it on your wall.

Is it necessary for me to clean my print? If so, how and how often do you do it?

Your canvas print will require little to no ongoing maintenance aside from a frequent dusting with a non-abrasive dry towel. When cleaning the print, a mildly damp, non-abrasive rag might be used in some circumstances. In most circumstances, though, simply install it and dust it as frequently as you would and should dust your furniture.

What is the best way to keep or transport my canvas prints?

The activity that is most likely to damage your canvas print is moving or rearranging it. Make sure that nothing sharp punctures, rips, or shreds your print. This can almost always be prevented by just being cautious and enlisting the assistance of a sufficient number of people to move larger prints.

If not done appropriately, storing your prints might also cause damage. Always keep your print erect rather than flat. Storing them flat with any kind of heavy object on top of them can cause the print to be ruined or punctured. When heavy objects are placed on top of a print, it might become “loose,” which is irreversible. Your print will last for years if you store it like any other piece of art: upright, in a cool, dry place at room temperature.