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Take your message to the streets with a wheatpasting campaign

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Wheatpasting® Service

Maximize your OOH spend with tailored street poster campaigns

Wild street posting creates street level hype about your products. You’re putting your brand right at eye-level at some of the hottest, busiest locations that we hand select. Wild street posting is the guerilla marketing tools for the masses – wildly popular, incredibly low-cost and extremely effective. Also referred to as bill posting, Wheatpaste Posters® easily grab the attention of customers on the street and spread the word about your next promotion, concert or event. A perfectly designed wheat paste poster can often be the keystone in a larger advertising campaign. Design and placement is key, and that’s where Gorilla Printing excels.

We offer the full-suite of wheatpasting services including high quality same day wheat paste posters printing as well as dedicated installation teams in your favorite US cities. For campaigns in a hurry, our state-of-the-art digital printing presses allow us to turn around even the largest poster order in only a matter of hours, meaning you can order before 12pm and pickup your street posters before 6pm Mon-Fri in NYC. These huge posters are high quality 18Ă—24 or 24Ă—36 (the popular wheatpasting size).

Where Do We Operate?

We print and install wheatpasting campaigns across all major US cities including New York, NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, San Francisco & more.

How Much Does Wheatpasting Cost?

Wheatpasting campaigns in major US cities costs between $3600 to $9000 depending on the number of locations and posters printed. We have adaptive pricing packages that are perfect for any sized budget. If you’ve got an upcoming event, new product or launching a new fashion line, wheatpasting is the perfect advertising medium for you!

Every year, cities grow larger, and street-level posters help your brand reach the people who live, shop, work and play in those areas. Your wheatpastings will have a greater impact because people are more likely to walk and dine outside now than they were a few years ago or walk past the many construction site fences. As people’s lifestyles change, they’re more willing to try out new products, and let’s be honest, NYC is full of construction site fences right now!

Ads on the internet are cost-per-click (CPC). You pay for “impressions” when you use wheatpasting campaigns. Whereas within the course of 7 days you acquire 30,000 impressions from online advertising, in one day you can receive double these impressions with the right headline blasted on your wheatpasting advertising campaign. Wild street posting success boils down to one thing: location, location, location!

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From the trendy buroughs of New York to the busiest streets of Los Angeles and Miami, chances are you’ll have walked past one of our street posters.

We bring +20 years experience in large format printing

Since 2002, Gorilla Printing has been providing affordable, high quality large format printing New York City services throughout New York and the USA. We were one of the first companies in NYC to offer same day large format printing across a wide range of products. Our use of the latest state-of-the-art machinery and printing presses allows us to offer all printing services in a consistent, high-quality finish under the toughest deadline demands.

Discover how Gorilla Printing is helping create and deploy hundreds of advertising campaigns requiring versatile large format printing options including banners, posters, billboard vinyl, window graphics and wheatpasting campaigns. Our expert team is here to guide you through your next printing project right from idea to application.

Why should you print with Gorilla Printing?

We’re the trusted printer of over 1500 companies & individuals. With over 20 years experience in large format printing, OOH campaign printing and service, we’ve got the know-how & capabilities to deliver any sized print job.

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Across the country, we have a number of distribution outlets. New York, NY is home to our printing factory, where we produce and ship most of our large format posters; this allows us to keep poster costs down. We then operate dedicated Street installation teams in all major US markets. We ship nationwide with UPS Couriers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wheatpasting?

Wheatpasting (also known as bill posting or bill posting) is a guerrilla marketing strategy that involves putting up poster advertisements on the street. Because wheatpaste is frequently used to affix the posters, they are also known as Wheatpaste Posters® in the United States. Construction site fences, building façades, barriers and barricades and alleyways are all mediums for wheat paste posters.

Is wheatpasting illegal?

No, wheatpasting is not against the law! Whilst there are strict rules in place in most major cities in America, we have agreements in place with many businesses and locations to allow us legal posting and placements around the busiest foot traffic areas in all major US markets.

What formats are used in wheatpasting?

There are many poster formats used in street marketing campaigns, including card-stock posters, pull-tab posters, wheatpaste posters, 8-sheets, Singles, Monsters, Mini-Monsters, Dominations and window wraps.

Are Wheat Pastings Cost Effective?

Absolutely. When you stack wheat pasting up against other forms of outdoor advertising, it’s a game changer in terms of affordability. Generally, it’s a fraction of the cost you’d shell out for billboard advertising, sometimes even slashing your expenses by half for a similar level of exposure. But, keep in mind, the cost of wheat pasting can swing based on a few variables like the location of your posters, the quantity you’re looking to print, the nature of your campaign, among other elements. AdQuick is your go-to for crafting and deploying cost-efficient yet unforgettable wheat pasting campaigns that are designed to make a lasting impression and drive meaningful engagement with your audience.

How Long Will My Wheat Pasting Stay Up?

Ideally, your wheat paste ads will decorate the cityscape for as long as they’re allowed. Depending on your campaign length, posters are often in place for 2 to 5 days in major cities (e.g., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago etc), or longer campaigns can be 2-weeks. Our guaranteed, permitted sites for wheatpasting ensure that they will remain in place for your specified period of time or else we will repost!

Why should I run a wheatpasting campaign?

Think of wild street posting as the street-smart cousin in the out-of-home (OOH) advertising family. It taps into the vibrant energy of urban landscapes to catch the eyes of your target audience where they live, work, and play. Not only is it a wallet-friendly option, but it’s also often the first foray for many brands looking to make their mark in the OOH world. With its power of repetition, your brand gets etched into the minds of passersby as they encounter your message repeatedly throughout their city journeys.
This approach is especially beloved by trendsetters in fashion, entertainment, and music, not to mention direct-to-consumer startups and burgeoning brands looking to make a splash.

What markets do you operate in?

From coast to coast in the U.S. and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Our network spans major markets globally, including the Europe, Asia, and Australia. Wherever you’re looking to make an impact, chances are we’re there, ready to roll.

Can I pick the exact placements for my posters?

Given the dynamic and somewhat renegade nature of wheatpasting, locking down specific spots ahead of time is a bit tricky. Instead, you tell us which neighborhoods you’re eyeing, and we do our best to blanket those areas with your message, squeezing into the best spots available at the time of your campaign’s kick-off.

How quickly can I start a wheat pasting campaign?

Fast track is our middle name. Ideally, we like to have a couple of weeks (about 2) from when we get your artwork to the day your campaign goes live. But if you’re pressed for time, don’t sweat it—we’re known for pulling off quicker turnarounds when the clock is ticking.

Do you have dedicated sales staff for wheatpasting?

Yes of course! We have +20 years experience in print and OOH marketing campaigns. Call one of our team in our NY or LA office today.