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Fotoba XLD 170

Our high performance, fully autonomous large format cutter.

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Unrivaled, Flexible Media Cutting

The Fotoba XLD 170 is the most flexible cutter of Fotoba’s range. It has been designed to specifically work with both sheets and rolls and is able to trim the widest variety of media even up to large sizes >67″ in dimension.

True Tracking

The XLD 170 uses ‘True Tracking’ to automatically re-align itself to the exact edge of the printed image. This results in perfectly squared prints even if the printer failed to print parallel or even if the roll was not wound up squarely.

Fotaba Xld 170 Hs 4

Wide Ranging Media

Our XLD 170 can handle almost any media you throw at it. Paper, vinyl, self-adhesives, duratrans, PVC, laminates and even polycarbonate. It’s able to cut precisely through thick surfaces up to 32ml (0.8mm) which is why it’s our preferred tool for difficult cutting jobs.

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