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Wild Posting

High quality wheat-paste & large format poster printing for wild posting campaigns. Same Day poster printing available!

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Wild Poster Printing NYC

Wild posting is the guerilla marketing tools for the masses – wildly popular, incredibly low-cost and extremely effective. Also referred to as fly posting, wild posting posters easily grab the attention of customers on the street and spread the word about your next promotion, concert or event. A perfectly designed poster can often be the keystone in a larger advertising campaign. Design and placement is key, and that’s where Gorilla Printing excels.

We offer the full-suite of wild posting services including high quality same day printing in NYC. For campaigns in a hurry, our state-of-the-art digital printing presses allow us to turn around even the largest poster order in only a matter of hours, meaning you can order before 12pm and pickup before 6pm Mon-Fri in NYC. These posters are high quality 24″ x 36″ the popular wild posting size.

If you require graphic design for your campaign, talk to one of our team today. Our in-house graphic design team has years of experience in designing and executing campaigns around New York. We take your ideas right to conception and can help you make your next wild posting campaign a success.

What is Wild Posting?

Wild posting (also known as flyposting or bill posting) is a guerrilla marketing strategy that involves putting up advertisements on the street. Because wheatpaste is frequently used to affix the posters, they are also known as wheatpaste posters in the United States. Construction site barriers, building façades, and alleyways are all covered in posters.

In many countries, it is unlawful to put such posters up on private property without the permission of the owner, or to put them up on public land without a sign authorization from the local government. Public bulletin boards, on the other hand, are available in some places where notifications can be placed.

Surfaces at danger of unlawful wild posting are often permanently marked Post No Bills (USA), No Flyposting (UK), or in France DĂ©fense d’afficher – loi du 29 juillet 1881, alluding to a legislation, in an effort to deter it. While wild posting is popular, landlords frequently consider it a nuisance and might take civil action to preserve their property rights. This sort of occurrence was particularly notable in Boston, Massachusetts. Advertisers had installed electronic signboards without alerting local authorities in the instance of the 2007 Boston Mooninite Scare, triggering an expensive response by the Boston Police Bomb Squad when the signs were mistaken for explosives.

The same old marketing tactics are used, such as paper classifieds and flyers strewn between the wiper blades. It’s time for something fresh, inventive, and imaginative. Something that you don’t need a significant budget for or to be one of the market’s biggest players to pull off. It’s time to put the streets, public access points, urban surroundings, and the fences around the building site next door to work for you. It’s time for a campaign of “crazy posting.”

In recent years, wild posting, sometimes known as guerrilla marketing, has grown in popularity in metropolitan areas. Wild posting is a unique and innovative marketing strategy that is used by everyone from your local pub to major businesses like Sony and Apple. You might recall Apple’s iconic silhouette ad for the iPod back in 2003. Posters featuring black silhouettes of individuals dancing in front of pink, green, yellow, and fuchsia backdrops were strewn throughout the streets. To complement its TV and print advertising campaigns, Apple employed wild posting posters around the United States, which helped push iPod sales into the millions that year.

The opportunity to contact prospective consumers in an unexpected way makes wild posting posters appealing. Every day when you pass down the street past the same wall, a certain poster is plastered across the full wall, side-by-side with an eye-catching design. Your interest has been piqued. These posters are a fraction of the cost of a magazine advertisement, and the visual extravaganza encourages you to pay attention. To get their message in front of customers, wild posting posters use labor rather than billboards. While it is still seen as a controversial and aggressive marketing strategy, it is one that is growing in popularity, and one that you can be sure will draw attention to your next campaign.

Wheatpaste Posters

Do you want to learn how to make wheatpaste? To make wheatpaste, combine two cups of white or whole wheat flour with two cups of water, stir well, and heat until the mixture boils. When it thickens, add more water and simmer for at least half an hour over low heat, stirring continuously to avoid burning. For a better grip, some people add a little sugar or cornstarch; don’t be scared to try it. If stored in airtight containers, the wheatpaste will last for a long time, however it will ultimately dry up or rot and solidify inside the containers. If possible, keep them in the fridge.

Wallpaper adhesive is also available at any home improvement store, such as Home Depot, in pre-prepared buckets or powder boxes. Wallpaper adhesive is considerably faster and easier to prepare than wheatpaste, and it is not significantly more expensive, even if you pay for it. You won’t find any glues promoted as “simple to remove”; instead, you’ll find the strongest glue available.

Recipe for Wheatpaste

– 1 cup all-purpose flour
– 2 quarts water
– Cooking surface (stove or hotplate)
– A pan or a pot
– A paintbrush of a considerable size
– A container or pail
– Any flyers you’d want to post
– gloves made of latex

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