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Data Security

Shop with security in mind at Gorilla Printing. Your data security always comes first with us. We ensure safe and secure transactions with the highest level of security using SSL (secure-socket layer) certificates which encrypt our entire website. We are a certified online retailer and offer comprehensive buyer protection in the case of any problems with your order.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates encrypt websites and ensure that your customer data and payment details remain confidential. In fact, we do not store any payment details on this website and serve every page via SSL. This gives you peace of mind as you send any sensitive data and order details through our website, as they can only be accessed by us and by you.

When you visit a secure website served via SSL, a green padlock icon appears in the URL bar. You will also see ā€˜httpsā€™ instead of the usual ā€˜httpā€™ in your URL bar, indicating that this webpage is secure. The SSL certificate provides information about the website and the type of encryption used, which is accessible if you click the green padlock icon. The SSL certificate creates a secure, encrypted connection between you and our web server; completed within a fraction of a second. This encryption protects against unauthorized manipulation from outside sources and keeps your data safe.

We regularly give training to our team on data security and ā€˜the responsible handling of customer & supplier dataā€™. Your data security is important to us.